A small question- Raided 19- 22 per day?

I think, that regardless of a defence team you set you will be raided. Attackers can make a team to be effective against your defence. So whenever you are offline, you can be raided for cups, resources or to open raid chest.

Let’s add the word ‘relentlessly’ after raided. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not working then. I’m not higher in cups than before and you get no iron or food from me. It’s like the level changed in overnight and it’s really unmotivating. Like all the improvement you have done are for nothing 'cause you’ve done nothing differently, just the environment has changed.

sigh I hope they fix the updates soon I feel sad lol

@Brobb you just abused my poor defensive team during, I will avenge to give you a couple of trophies more hahahah

Sorry about that. :wink:

Wreak vengeance upon me.

Thanks for leaving Chao in the center hahahaha with Hel would have been impossible!

Forgot to change my Titan hitting team. Doh!

Well played.

Please do, I have seen few interesting named opponents as well. :thinking:

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I really wouldn’t mind the increased raids if they were in the same bracket as myself. I just started playing not too long ago, & I’m still in the silver tier. I get my behind handed to me by people in gold tier & I have NO chance at revenging them. Before when I was only raided a couple of times it didn’t feel as bad as the daily bombardment of 7+ attacks that I have no chance to revenge.

Don’t feel too bad about those raids. The gap for cup raids is +/- 280?. If you are in high silver range, gold level players will be able to find you as you are able to find low silver targets.

It is just a cycle anyway. You will find a balance in where your cups don’t go lower a certain level but you see yourself being able to push higher as you develop your roster. No shame in losing anyway as the attacker always has the advantage.

Get used to the drops too if you want to play this game competitively. I saw rank 23 drop to 5500 range in his sleep.

This week I raid mostly to revenge, opening a chest every day or some time twice a day. :slight_smile: Defenitely, frequency of raids on my base increased, but I don’t mind.