A small question- Raided 19- 22 per day?

Hey there,

So I just noticed that in the last 2 days the raids somehow multiplied. My Sister was atracked 22 times this day, myself 19 times. Not that I think its a bug somehow…but were maybe two servers fused? Its also a bit annoying, since the past months I played, it came not even close in a week or two, to such a stastistic like this on one day. And mostly players that are way Stronger than my teams.

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There was an update released around 3 days ago. The chances of accounts getting raided will be higher because you can only be raided by people with the same version.

There may have been an issue with raiding before. Or it was poorly designed that some accounts just don’t go into the regular raiding pool.


I was raided maybe twice in three months while raiding as much as I could. Woke up a couple of days ago (too lazy to look) to find seven or eight raids. Never thought about version tweak, just that it was my time in the bucket. This too shall pass


The likelihood of being raided generally increases when there is an update. Players will be divided by the versions so that will help make raids more frequent.

Another explanation would be that they have fixed the “issue” of accounts not appearing as valid targets with this latest patch. I had a 2800 power team in 2100 trophy range for 2 weeks. I got raided directly about 5 times. Now since the update, i get raided at least 5 times overnight.


Both myself and my alliance have seen a DRASTIC increase in raids over the past couple days…perhaps the update is to blame, perhaps something else but on my main acct, I went from the 1900-2100 range to awake to silver cup range e.g.1000…while i have a weaker team set as my raid def…all maxed 3*s, I wouldn’t have thought the drop would be this much…oh well, it gave me a ton of quick revenges…easy come, easy go…

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I have noticed quite the opposite. I used to get raided 10 to 15 times per day…easy. The past 2 days have seen less than 5 or 6 total. I am currently at just over 2500 cups but usually float around 2300 to 2550 (max 2720)

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I’ve noticed the same. The last weeks I’ve been raided more than in all the last 3 months combined and I’m not even exagerating. Before I was riaded maybe once or twice a week, now I recieve at least 7-8 raids a day. I actually like it :slight_smile:

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I am in the same boat as @Mr_Daniel_Duck.
I do not like it as i am only 80 points into the platinum tier and keep dropping down because of how many more times i have been raided.

The first 2 months playing I was barely raided. Since I hit Platinum it has increased a lot. Maybe it was the update. But it is part of the game. So, bring it on!

There are a lot of people here saying that they hardly ever got raided before the last few days , and a lot since ( what i would say is normal for average player).

I hope that now they have fixed the ‘entirely random’ selection of raid opposition in the right band , that SG will now to fix the also entirely random distribution 3 or 4 star ascension materials, so that I also get the right amount of mats as well as the right amount of attackers)))

(seriously if there were bugs in that , I am never quite going to believe that what people here describe as loot ‘observation bias’ might not also be bugs)

Indeed. For the past 6 months, I might’ve been raided a total of 5 times. Since the update, I’m being hit 4-5 times DAILY…

Here the same thing. Last few months 3-5 times per month now 10-15 times per day! All the time I was in platina. More easy to fill the chest by revence, no search needed :slight_smile:

Seems like you are the only one going against the trend. And one really should expect more raids when they are in your cup range.

If only SG released detailed patch notes. :sweat_smile:

Trade you. In the last two days I was only raided 7 times (6 Raids on one day).

I’m not seeing a big difference here. But I am tempted to start a thread for cleverly named opponents:



So far in my alliance, it has been those on wood experiencing an increase in being raided… I’m wondering exactly how many accounts there are on ios because if those that updated are no longer targets then the group of Android players is simply much more active in the game.

fortunate those who are attacking 4 to 5 times a day, that’s what they attack me per hour … since 2 days the number of attacks has risen exponentially and not only happens to me, the entire alliance completely and in all ranges of drinks, it would be nice if @Petri could clarify something about it

Are you a fan of this character? lol

I’m a fan of a lot of characters. :slight_smile:

Naruto is far less annoying by the time he faces Pain in Shippuden. :grin:

Back to topic!


@ Mananabas Eh…if you would ask my Alliance members or quite some more in the chatroom, I don’t think they would say I’m the only one against it.

It would be maybe not so bad, if it was good balanced. Right know I get many raids from players, that I don’t even would dare, trying an avange attack.

If the raiding system is working as it should be for all players, there would be at least 3 general reasons why you will be raided:

  1. Your defense team isn’t strong enough for your cup range.
  2. You have a lot of food or iron.
  3. A bit of both 1 and 2.

Don’t be discouraged that you are getting pounded more today, it may just mean you have to collect the watchtower resources more often or you are winning your raids quite often that you are playing in an arena higher than you should be.