A small feature, something cool to think about

I really liked flipping the snowmen’s heads for the winter theme design; it was an awesome idea. I also like shooting down the birds from the sky. Maybe for Valentine’s Day we could have Cupids that shoot arrows? Or something else along those lines? That would totally make my day, and make me giggle as I am tapping something, and waiting for energy to refill.

**Edit: I know it is probably too close to Valentine’s Day for this to be actually implemented, but perhaps in the future more things like the snowmen. I know of many people that really enjoyed it.


Great Idea I liked them too

Also if anyone has made a video of killing the birds (duck hunt), if they could post it… I know of a few people that like to watch them fall from the sky. :wink:

Groundhogs day, whack- a- mole? Nope that is even closer than Valentine’s Day… hmm… Easter bunny whack- a- mole? Lol kidding kinda. Break eggs fun fetti? Dunno which holidays get decorated, but I am sure people could come up with many ideas for different holidays.

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