A Sliding Battle Item Bar

The abilty to slide and fill the Battle bar to show/use different items you may want bring to the fight.
For example: I pick a group to use but the last time i used them was for titan and the batle bar is filled with arrows and axes. But this time Iam using group on the map,being able to slide it to potions or whatever would save me from changing these items back and forth(which i do alot).

So an easy fix for this is that you already get 5 free team slots. The way I use them are as follows:

Team 1: Leveling heroes (5 rainbow heroes that I am currently working on so that they are always on the top and I don’t have to find them)

Team 2: Raid defense (I never touch this team unless I want to change it)

Team 3: Titan team (this team slot is decidated for fighting titans and corresponding battle items, the only time I edit is when there is a new titan)

Team 4: Raid Attack (this is a team I se for raiding and I keep editing it depending on who I am attacking)

Team 5: Farming team (This is my world map or quest team with correspinding battle items)

So, depending on what I am doing I just slide through the teams and the battle items come automatically with that team. Niw, of course if you extra gems and buy new team slots you can go further, but this works for me. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I have been doing something like that already with war and raiding but iam fairly new to the game so the last few Titans I’ve fought, I have used the same group as my progression team. Making a double group is doable but i rather use that slot for farming and different combination Ive been trying. I thought a sliding bar would be easy to implement and a good idea.

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