A simple war rule for casual alliance to improve score


I am running a casual alliance. Titan is required but war is not compulsory. Also all players are in different time zone so we don’t co-ordinate on war. Like any alliance, we have a range of player in a different level. Some at level 50 with TP 4000 and player level at 28 with TP 2800.

During war, our low level players are hard to get over 50 points because they dont have a good team and easy opponent got picked early on. In order to fix this situation, we need low-level player fight easy opponents but without doing the detail coordination. We came up with a simple rule.

"For the first 12 hours of the war, if you are level XX or above, try not to attack an opponent with team power YYYY or below."

XX should be the level of the last 1/3 player. If your alliance have 30 players, and the 20th ranked player is level 30, XX will be 30.

YYYY will be decided by looking at the battlefield and pick a team power number that represents about 1/3-1/4 of the opponent at their lower tier.

This rule is to run for the 1st 12 hours.

So in the 1st 12 hours, if you are a low tier player without any good team, you will have some easy target to pick up and score of easy point. If you are tier player with a good team, you are free to pick mid or high team power oppent and spent the 2nd or 3rd attack on easy target.

If you are mid or high-level player, it will make you pick opponents in with mid and hight team power. After you’ve used your good team in the first 12 hours, you can use your weak team on the 2nd wave.

Or you hold your attack for the 1st 12 hours and use it on all target at 2nd wave.

We’ve been running this rule for 1 month and the score of our low tier player improved 30-40%. Wars are much more fun and enjoyable for them.


Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


that’s sounds advice but I think or would hope something like that would be implemented for most alliances with a wide spectrum of team power.


this will not work if you are overpowered, tried it and to no avail lost the war