A simple man's take on all this

I’ve got folks in my alliance who are numbers guys…data analyst types…me, I’m a retired career soldier. My outlook on the current state of this game isn’t complicated, I can’t cite algorithms or statistical data. What I do know…is that things are broken, and aren’t getting better.

I don’t expect to win every war or raid, but I also don’t expect to get raided for 250 cups each night or lose a war by 2000+ points.

I’ve supported this game since the beginning, using real dollars. That ends today, until the devs exhibit the ability to balance the entertainment and fun with the desire to smash my tablet with a hammer and declare war on Norway.

So…my first post is probably my last. No more money until the problems are fixed.



Hi Bammer,

You sound like a top bloke, sorry to hear how frustrated you are.

Just playing devil’s advocate a bit, how many cups do you think is ok to lose?

Just looking back over the last 12 hours, I’ve taken 250 cups (and lost a bunch too) but that’s going to mean people across the globe losing theirs.

Anyway, I hope it’s resolved for you at some point.

Just as a p.s. we were blessed with a new baby, so I have the ‘opportunity’ to check my account several times a night…one advantage being I don’t discover my losses in a single demoralising blow.


I’m with you, except for the cups issue:

  • War matching is not working
  • Rare ascension items are too rare
  • Five star heroes are too rare
    But you have to understand that you’re going to lose cups overnight, by design. If you’re constantly pushing the margins to win raids, then you’re inevitably going to be matched with stronger teams, both when you attack and when you get attacked.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently a “cup dropper,” and I almost never lose cups overnight. But I get a lot less food/iron than I otherwise would these days because of it. (Contrary to most of the whiners on these forums, I think nerfing the food/iron rewards available in raids was a good balancing move by the devs, even though it makes my cup dropping strategy less efficient. I still think it’s a fair trade off for the more frequent gold tier hero wanted loot boxes it allows me to open, but it’s not a no-brainer like it used to be.)

When my team is finally strong enough to start consistently winning platinum tier raids, I’ll stop dropping on purpose. You may want to consider a similar strategy if you don’t like the overnight cup losses.

Sorry, but role of the devil advocate is occupied by Brobb. So your post isn’t counted


Ah jeez, are there any other nefarious entities that I can advocate for?

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How about players community?

Maybe not every night, but that’s going to be an fairly frequent occurrence. (If you have a better offense team than defense team, more so!)

The devs have acknowledged that their war matching “fix” for 1.12 isn’t sufficient, and they will be doing something different in a future version. I’ve heard no comments on when, but my guess is no more than two more wars with this matching system.

As always in this game, patience!!!

From what the devs said, It may be better than the prior version OVERALL, if not for your alliance or mine. (currently down 1300 points with a few hours to go)

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I don’t understand a devs war problem.

Alliance_strength = sum of every alliance player_strength;
Where player_strength = sum of player’s top 30 hero strength.
And…thats it.
Just compare Alliance_strength metric for war.

You will surprise, but that’s how it’s work now

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-Matchmaking is now based on:
power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
player count of the alliance

Looks similar. But by result…i am not sure.

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Hey. Keep Norway out of this. Take on the Swedes instead. It’s their turn now.


You can have 30 heroes that numerically are valued the same, but aren’t worth the same on the battlefield.

Let’s take it to one on one: Which of these heroes do you think would do better in a fight?

Not fair? How about now?

They all have more or less the same power score, but it doesn’t necessarily stack up the same. (And this is a crude comparison; the real test would be how layouts of five heroes, used by real gamers would work in battle. A knowledgeable gamer is gonna squeeze a lot more action out of his/her lineups than a less experienced one will.)


Don’t mean to hijack this thread this career soldier who have obviously devoted his time, money and emotions to his game and even close to waging war on Norway. But in the 3 heroine examples you cited, it somehow got me thinking of a thread citing some laziness in the game artist. Perhaps Justice is a bit of a stretch because she seem to have a quazi-smirk going on there, but does the facial expression for Sartana look very similar to Kadlien?

Don’t take out your rage on Norway. They’ve done nothing to earn your ire.

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No hijacking! Back to thread! :grin:

I think this comparison is still Bad, because the stats are at least a bit similar. But when we Look at 5* and 4* at the Same Power. It is a difference.

Same power, but in a Fight a total difference.

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That’s how it is set up to work now.
The problem is not every player is as competent as the team they possess.
I know l’m not. I have built a 4k point team, but my skill level in board manipulation is not at all good.

Nice! I demand that the Developers fix the forums so that I might like this post multiple times. Once is not enough.

How/where can you see/hear what the devs say about topics like this, and others?

There isn’t. The devs for this outfit really don’t talk. They have a minion and a few white knights to run interference for them. That’s it.

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