A side effect of the emblems is that 3/70 5* heroes are pretty useless now, making the 4* ascension material bottleneck that much worse

4* heroes with emblems are so much better than 3/70 5* heroes now, I find myself feeling pretty handicapped when using a 3/70 hero, so they mostly just sit on the bench until I can get the mats. At least before emblems, they were as good or better than 4/70 4* heroes, giving you more choice in team selection.

Has anybody else felt this way? I’m not sure how to fix it, maybe make 3/70s a bit stronger, or maybe some sort of new consumable item that can be applied to 3/70?

I feel there are many situations where a four star at 4.70 +0 is better than a five star at 3.70 (even before you add emblems).

Nonetheless, it’s very common for me to use a couple of 3.70 each war. The most obvious case is when I just need more heroes in a given element to generate more tile damage. But there are others, like where the five stars effects are so powerful that I’m willing to risk them dying to fire their game changing special.

Two examples:

  1. Kadilen’s hit at 3.70 becomes a viable follow up to Evelyn’s elemental debuff - it’s the right speed and I find the special skill defense shield useful. And I almost always have to hit 6 blue tanks, so Kadilen is very likely to get out there even as is.

  2. I was using Ariel at 3.70 (she’s now maxed), as her skill is massive. Vela at 3.70 goes occasionally, depending on the teams I’m facing. As she’s fast there’s a reasonable chance she’ll fire before dying.


emblemes 4* starte approaching 5*'s and by they the time they are >=+16 they are. My 20+ Grimm beats richard, vale,Thorne and Isarnia which I guess was the though behind emblems’i.e. bring them on par with base 5’S

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Stop taking 5* to 3/70 would be my first suggestion…

If your emblemed 4s outperform 3/70 5s, then why take 5s to 3/70?

Spend the resources elsewhere, let em sit at 1/1, stash any extra hams and feeders you get in training camps until you have the mats to take them from 1/1 to 4/80

But i probably say that because I’ve done that for a pretty long time


Agree… or move them up a bit eg 2/60 when you have excess ham and feeders

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I use 3/70 five stars in nearly every war.

When you run mono, like I do, they are quite useful for filling out your B and C and D teams.


on one level you comment makes sense but somewhere along the way you WILL get the toys to got to 4-80. So as an old boy scout, be prepared make sense. But how man 5’s@3-70 of a color do you need?

3/70 5 stars are mostly good if their effect is so strong that it’s worth including them even if they only live to fire once and then die right after.

For example if I’m running green mono, I can choose between Evelyn 3/70 or Caedmon +18 for the last spot. Caedmon on paper is superior in every way, much better health, defense, damage. But I go with Evelyn every time because the defense debuff just does so much more for the rest of the team than adding one more ‘ok’ sniper does.

Another point that’s relevant to five stars at 3.70 - especially those with powerful effects - is revivers. I often try to skate by with a war team consisting of the weakest four heroes I think I’ll use in that war plus Mother North.

That may mean a couple of five stars I have at 3.70 but have a valuable effect if I can fire them (Justice, Grimble, etc.), and / or fragile four stars at 4.70 (e.g., Little John, Grimm, Scarlett).

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This is the best advice to give to new players. Resources are limited as is, and wasting them on future or unfinished projects makes it even worse.

There are certain things that need to be completed first before starting an uncertain project just because you like a particular hero.

I recently started an alt account just to see how far can you go without spending a single penny and without wasting resources and I was surprised to see that the game nowadays gives new players enough to advance at a decent rate. It’s definitely not a sprint but it’s not a crawl either. With some smart use of the limited resources you can quickly have 20 or so maxed 3* and 4* heroes that will help you much more than unfinished 5*. And once you get there, you can afford to be picky, meaning not only which 4* or 5* hero to ascend next, but also more importantly to wait until you have all, or most of the mats needed to max that hero.

I believe the biggest and most common mistake people make in this game is when they start ascending a hero because they have nothing better to do, and then dump it for the next better thing, which they will soon dump for the next one which they can’t maximize because they now lack resources.


Yup agree 1000%…

Also pulling people when you have lots of people to work on always insnt, a good idea if you get lucky n get more 5* sure it’s good but now what do you do
Got x at 3/70 now I got this makes headache you may not need.
As the mats ain’t gonna drop in your favour

I don’t think emblems make a difference.

Most 5* heroes on 3/70 are uncompetitive to 4* heroes on 4/70. A few excellent 5* heroes may make an exception.

Here are some starts of heroes:

As you can see, the 5*-3/70 heroes are clearly somewhat behind 4*-4/70 heroes.

I’d love whether they could be an alternative (I got 10+ 5* heroes I’ll never level today) - but they are not.

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Some heroes have confusing/complicated/sophisticated features that you need to experiment and want to have a feel and understand beyond theorycraft. But mostly bringing skill levelup to 8/8 rather than going all the way up to 3.70 might help. If it’s stats what makes a hero stand out, this might not help though…

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