A Second Dragon For StrongHold

I’ve been listing to my team and how hard its been to get ascension items. Specially the 4* items. My thought to the Devs Is This…

Like the VIP pass that we currently have the option to purchase, what if we could purchase another dragon for the other tower on or stronghold that would give a 3* or 4* ascension item every 7 days. It Could Run Just Like The Ones Now.

Blue For purchase of so many weeks
Gold For A year purchase.

Like Mystic vision that on occasion gives a 4* ascension item this would give a better chance for players to possibly ascend hero’s that otherwise sit. They tend to lose patience and leave the game all together because of this very reason. Not everyone spends money on phone apps but those that do might be interested in such chance. Just A thought…

Thanks for reading
Slice & Dice

In the same vein, can I suggest a white dragon that gives trainers every day?


I love it! More money up front for SG that gives us another way to gamble for Ascension items.

“You can pay a small monthly premium to open this daily hero feeder where you can pull daily for array of trainers & Ascension mats including the elusive 4* Ascension items! For a larger lump sum that will save you money over the next 12 months, you can unlock your new feeder for a 12 months hero Ascension extravaganza! Not only do feeders give you a chance to role for Ascension items daily, they also provide bonus gems/Atlanta’s coins!”

That’s something I would invest in!


You could offer another dragon on the second tower of stronghold for faster build times. VIP 2. For faster build times. Who wouldn’t but that.

This dragon could be added to the empty stronghold tower charge $4.99 a month and have it shave off build times. I mean some of these build times are way to long. Give us something to help build up and more money coming in for you. A win win. Say it shaves 20-30% of build times.