A sad state of affairs if you're fleeing in raids!

There is a Reroll button for a reason. Use it generously. If you don’t have the hero bench to take down Guin tanks, find someone who isn’t using Guin.

@InsaneEmu you mention making thousands of summons and not getting Guin or Alberich. You do understand that these are both limited release heroes? Alberich was the Hero of the Month last September; Guinevere is Queen of Avalon and only available during that event from the Event Summons.

Please take the time to read the opening posts in these three threads, which provide great advice for selecting raids, selecting heroes for raids, and manipulating the board to maximize your chance of winning:

On hero selection, let me second @lexinen’s excellent advice that good 4* heroes have a place in nearly every one of my raiding teams. They have skills that are not available on any 5*. Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Merlin, Hansel, Tibertus, Falcon, Jackal, and more. Build your bench!