A sad state of affairs if you're fleeing in raids!

So I have a reasonable team I use for raids, almost 4200 points, yet I find myself going into raids against opponents fielding Guinevere in the middle and alberich off to the edge, and if the board isn’t seriously good in the first five goes I flee, because there’s no way you can win, Guinevere is knocking your mana down every two or three goes, so you may get a shot here or there off and alberich and Guinevere are building HP back to full while you try to get Celine or someone else to remove the buff but it is near impossible, I’ve done thousands of summons and not got Guinevere or alberich, which obviously came up in a special sometime, and I know if I could set my dream team those two would be in it, but it’s beyond uncool that you stand little to no chance, sure I could re-roll at 2000 food a roll, but it seems that 7/10 teams in diamond arena are fielding these two, which makes me and a couple of other poor saps in the 3/10 that can’t field them, giving us a 1/20 chance of winning a raid versus a team fielding these. I have 7 or 8 5* sitting waiting for ascension items, problem is you get next to none of the things you need, for example in the last couple of months there have been some ascension item packs in the store, 600gems a go for 5 goes, total 3000 gems, the two ice packs that have come up, it showed telescopes, I needed one, didn’t get one, same with poison darts, same with royal tabbards, and each pack I’ve spent 3000 gems trying to get the gear to ascend, each time not getting the one or two items I need, so all in all hundreds of real dollars gone, Hero’s still sitting waiting and only having 5 Hero’s fully levelled doesn’t give a lot of options to try something different in the raids, or special events, I hope the devs read this, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this same issue, and I think there’s a lot of players who enjoy the game, but if we spend real money we should be able to get real products for the expenditure, not have some crap shoot in the hope that maybe you will get what you need. Sure make it random and rare for f2p but for p2w, we should get value for money, and I most certainly haven’t been, and many of my alliance feel the same way.


I picked out this part of your post because this appears to be your main problem. From what I could gather, it seems like you’re only training up 5* heroes, but you need 4* as well. Diamond-tier raiding almost requires a deep bench of heroes so that you can suit your team to your foe’s defense, and it takes way too long to get the resources for a deep bench of solely 5* (as you’ve found).

For Guinevere, I’d recommend training up 3 high-attack purple heroes so that you can stack them on the same team and defeat her before her healing gets going. Tiburtus and Sabina would work well for this. Alberich has a number of counters depending on whether he’s in the corner or tank slot. If corner, I use Chao and Little John to keep his mana low so he can’t use his revival. If tank, I use Sonya to dispel his buffs as soon as they activate (you can use Zeline or any other dispeller to do this, too).


Guinevere is ridiculously over powered. If ever there was someone in need of a nerf (and not the very slight one I’ve heard is planned), it’s her. She needs to be one mana speed slower. Alby I can usually deal with by using Natalya, but Guin is nearly impossible. Re-roll every time for me.


She’s not if you have a few purples…She’s a top tier tank. Most people at the top have a winning raid % vs Guin tanks.

There is a Reroll button for a reason. Use it generously. If you don’t have the hero bench to take down Guin tanks, find someone who isn’t using Guin.

@InsaneEmu you mention making thousands of summons and not getting Guin or Alberich. You do understand that these are both limited release heroes? Alberich was the Hero of the Month last September; Guinevere is Queen of Avalon and only available during that event from the Event Summons.

Please take the time to read the opening posts in these three threads, which provide great advice for selecting raids, selecting heroes for raids, and manipulating the board to maximize your chance of winning:

On hero selection, let me second @lexinen’s excellent advice that good 4* heroes have a place in nearly every one of my raiding teams. They have skills that are not available on any 5*. Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Merlin, Hansel, Tibertus, Falcon, Jackal, and more. Build your bench!


For Guin I always use Tiburtus, Gafar and Sabina, and I’m going to level my second Gafar some time in the future. Of course, I only take on her between the raid chests, why make your life harder?


I generally raid with a team of around 3650-3700, and I don’t shy away from either or both of those two. Are they tough? Absolutely. Bring fast purple or red hitters, mana controllers, and dispellers. I only have 2 5* heroes maxed, and 3 others on the way, but I have a deep bench of 4* that I can tailor to my opponent. It makes a difference.

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I have a considerably deep bench of maxed 4*'S and hadn’t really considered using them based only on team power, however I will take the suggestions on board and try changing my strategies. Ta


I only started playing in Feb, so obviously missed alberich, and I haven’t seen Guinevere offered either so obviously missed that challenge event, I don’t know how the algorithms work for summoning, but I spent a small fortune during the sand event to try to get the two 5* Hero’s in the special summons and didn’t get either, I got many of the 4* and 3* and kept 2 of each, but got shafted on the 5*'S, which was a tad frustrating. I do like this game, hence why I’ve blown my budget many times over trying to improve my teams, I think it is a little unfair for p2w people when you spend so much and seem to not get the value for money quite often. ie with ascension packs and bulk summons, especially multiple bulk summons. I understand that they dont want some rich kid maxing everything out in 2 weeks and smashing everyone, but I’ve spent more than I should have over many months and I don’t expect 10x5* every summon, but if you do 4-5 X 10 pk summons on a special event you’d expect somewhere in that 40-50 Hero’s you’d have one of the special 5* Hero’s, yeah???

Thanks for the advice, I will give it a shot. I have several maxed 4* purples, so yeah I will try them thanks again

Doesn’t matter if you bring 3 purple heroes if you don’t get any purple tiles early. In that sense, it’s an unrecoverable raid once she gets going, even if you get purple tiles later.

Bad board vs Guin = no chance. At least vs any other tanks, I can fool myself into thinking I still have a chance with a bad board.


You and me both. I blew a lot of gems trying for Rana, but got neither Rana or Yunan. :triumph:

I would love to see someone post a video of them beating a Guinevere team where she fires her special once and they recover and win. You have to get her before, or else hit a jackpot lucky 10 streak afterwards. She is just way too powerful.

I’ve been finding Guin less and less difficult to beat. I’m okay with her firing once or twice while I’m setting up the board, even today in a war I beat guin with no purples or fully leveled heroes and she fired 3xs. So i would maybe suggest fight every guin tank you come across and use different hero combinations to see what works best for you. When i first started there were more ares than guin tanks and i had to do the same thing myself to figure out how to beat ares.


From what I’ve seen of the odds, no, I would NOT expect an event 5* to come that easy.

I think the odds of getting any 5* are in that ballpark. If you pull a 5* in an event summon, you can get any of 20 standard 5* heroes or the three event 5* heroes. I believe the event heroes are more frequent than 3/23, but certainly no more than half. To make things worse, of the three event 5* heroes, only one or maybe two is really good, and one is generally underwhelming if not nearly worthless.

It doesn’t seem that uncommon to do 100+ event summons and not get the one you want like Guinevere or Guardian Panther. I know of somebody who did over 300 and failed.

Getting the current HotM is quite a bit easier; an average of 60 summons appears to be in the ballpark. (Your luck will vary. In what direction, it is impossible to say)

Chasing event 5* heroes is a very expensive pastime. You might get lucky, but don’t count on it.

Guinevere is surely annoying, and a tad too much so by my taste. Whether or not I challenge those teams depend on her neighboring hero’s. If I do, I use Sartana, Gafar and a third dark (Sabina, Rigard, Merlin w/e depending on the enemy team). Regardless of careful picking, I guess I win max 75% of the fights I choose to take on.

Sidenote: I rarely bring more than 2 5*'s to a raid.

Reply to them which heroes you have used, for example. It might open their eyes! And I’m curious, despite that I’m not yet ready to raid in Diamond and just got to take a look in Platinum.

Panther /Alby/Arthur/zeline/sartana mostly and still find Guinevere formidable. Someone has to be the best tank, right? I have had her fire 2 and 3 times and still sometimes win. The reality is that raiding in the top 250 is tough and anyone can be beaten with a good board and anyone can lose with a bad board.

Keep working at it and you will get better and better!


I use kiril/BT, tiburtus, panther, Sabina, and usually zeline but sometimes others depending on support heroes. The board matters but unless it is atrocious it usually works out

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I agree with what you said about some 5* Hero’s being worthless, I got boss wolf and he is pretty well useless, so much so I’m not planning to ever upgrade him, red hood however would have been good and I forget who the other one was but I’m sure it was better than boss wolf.