A relocate building bug

The buildings can be relocate which is cool but 4 some reason the relocate 4 buildings pops up & I did not hit the question mark next the upgrade green arrow & ithe mess things if you’re not careful it would nice if you could see 2 fixing that!

I think what you saw was the feature that you can relocate a building by pressing and holding on a building for a couple seconds and it’ll allow you to then relocate the building as if you went through the “? More” button.

Hope I helped!

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Yes, you can trigger the building move function just by holding your finger down on a building. You don’t need to go through the building options to get to it. Just hitting the cancel button stops the move, or if it’s already moved to a new spot or exchanged with another building, it can be moved/swapped back freely.

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ok thank you but still a pain

Thank you I did not know you could do it it’s just a bit of a pain

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