A Reason for the Season - Verse for Season Two

“Why is there no comic poem relating to the missions for Season Two?” I hear no one asking.

Well now there is! So grab your beach towel and your broadsword and get this down you:

Our heroes drop the anchor,
And wade onto the sand
From the cold peaks of Corellia
They have come to aid this land

Richard hefts his hammer
And Elena holds her blades
They nod once in agreement
And set out into the glades

They hunt out forces ancient, evil,
Twisted and depraved
Surely glory will be theirs
Once this land is saved

But all around is peaceful fauna
Butterflies and birds
Where are the deadly warriors
Of which frightening tales they’d heard?

Exclaims Richard
Our quest is full of flaws!
The real evil overlords
Are these insidious GOLD MACAWS!!’

"We must exterminate the threat,
"Every beak and every claw,
“We’ll make a heap of corpses
And end the Gold Macaw!”

He swung his hammer’s mighty arc
And smashed a bird asunder
In a shock of yellow feathers
And a crack like Zeus’s thunder
Elena joined him, slashing steel
And stained the ground blood red
Before an hour had past
Four hundred lay there, dead

But as our heroes stride away,
Victorious, they assume
A thousand, bitter, beady eyes
Watch them in the gloom

A morasse of wills bent on revenge
And murder without remorse
The real tyrants of the cove,
The dreaded RED Macaws.

If you like that, search the forum for my others in the community content section :grinning:

If you didn’t, next time you get a duplicate pull, maybe put two and two together. Coincidence?

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Any ideas for the next verse, I appreciate any input

Well done! We should all be thankful that they didn’t recruit the dreaded Violet Macaws, those birds are big and smart.
As for your next verse, perhaps the spirit link verses the family affiliations?
What ever you choose l’m sure it will be awesome.

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I praise all the narratives, but …

…do not.

I still do not find any reason why season 2 deserves to be written about it