A Real Path of Valor

I think the Path of Valor as a notion is a good idea but i think their execution of it is off. Its effectively just a linear timeline with challenges on it. I think a more intriguing way of designing it would mirror the talents skill tree system. Since the “end items” are mats have a web of paths with each high end mat being the endpoint of the mat. You weave your way through the series of challenges to get to the next area to reach your desired mat. Furthermore i think the challenges themselves should be more complex outside of what we do for normal play. Just doing what we normally do isnt challenging. I have many ideas for this but its hard to implement many of them so here is my top 3 that would require an actual challenge that (I believe) are doable for the games setup.

  1. Tactics challenges: much like we have tournaments with restriction challenges along a multi tiered path would be the same.
    A) ex Tiers 3* 4* 5* same color challenge: you can only complete the challenge with a team that meets the * and color requirement. (Easy implement)
    B) Effect Battles: Ex: Zombie enemies are attacking for the challenge, Healer effects on yourself do bonus damage to enemies but buffs you add to yourself get applied to the enemy also (Harder implement but their are skills like this currently ingame so the coding isnt impossible)
  2. Branching Paths for items: The end path item are high end Mats but often times you need multiple mats for various things and provide multiple ways to get there. Do i follow the left fork path that gives challenges that may have either a Compass or Gloves or the right fork that might have a Shield or Cloak. Giving players a shot at something they need is better than a fixed item list and provides better incentive to purchase the Valor Pass. Also eliminating the linear number system 1 to 50 challenges means no ones disgruntled about “not finishing it” because you grinding along a varied path of your own choosing.
  3. Path Crafting: the harvester items are interesting but have limited appeal the way their being used. Each path challenge should give a crafting token that allows you to get these items. And i propose different ones that might appeal to higher players. Tier 1 are all the single use 1 day harvesters for season 1 use ( - the omnia harvester) Tier 2 could have harvesters like Flag Reduction harvester all S2 areas have 50% Flag cost for 6 hours or whatever time SG thinks appropriate obviously. Tier 3 could have ones like
    Training/ Building Time Reduction Harvesters, time to train/build/craft is reduced by 10%.
    ----Naturally these tokens and items can also be bought outright in limited capacity via “Path Deals” in the shop.

I think these are the most implementable. SG can also apply their current F2P vs Valor Pass schema to the items recieved but IMO i think many more might buy it if you have more say in the item you go after youve paid.

Lastly i’d Love a hidden path option where it just lets you fight Titans by yourself. It would be cumalative like it is now but isolated to just you on the path and would not require you to be in a guild (for the mercs out there who we love) for. Rewards would be based on the Titan Level and how many rounds it takes you to be the titan. If i have time i’ll try to revisit the topic with some visuals, but i think you all get the idea.

I 100 percent agree! When i heard of POV i thought it was going to be something i could grind for nonstop till i completed it. Not waiting for certain events and having to wait to days to finish daily quests to accumalate enough points to finally finish. Also branching paths would work that way for those who dont have strong enough teams to complete legendary challenge events or those that refuse to level up 3 stars can go about it in a different direction.

I would see this a little different to avoid anyone think g it was a must do challenge of any kind.

Firstly I as the creator would just work out how many challenges I wanted to activate for those 50 days so in the case of the current PoV which was about 180 or so but there where plenty of repeats in the daily ones there as well so my option wouldn’t include repeats at all.

Secondly create a Max point allocating items to be gained within that chain of points pretty much as it is currently but placing an item on all levels for both sides, just different items making those that purchase the PoV pass get far better items obviously but must provide items on all levels of the free side to make EVERYONE feel just as important as the next.

Place all the challenges in a single panel as a new tab next to our inventory section allowing members to complete each one at will anytime they want during those 50 days.
The PoV just registers there playing movements as it currently does fir the current PoV only there are no time restrictions implimented other than get as much done as you like within 50 days. After 50 days this ends and you miss out and a new batch starts up when ever SG make it happen.

Result is players won’t feel pressured, they won’t feel like it’s a must do challenge that has an end and every time they reach a item level it pops up as an achievement for having done so and they collect it.

Sure this leaves room to make some more challenging and as such a bit harder to make the end but in having said that those not able to complete these won’t feel like they missed out because there was no pressure.

Yes there will be those that may complete everything in a shorter time but the bottom line you achieve what you can when you can during those 59 days.

Now of cause within those challenges I would include a Log In daily one as a permanent fixture in all PoV’s to encourage returning daily.

Personally for I really like way they structured the harvesters and food/iron bins that we can store in out inventory for later use, these were my sole one reason for purchasing the pass to begin with. Please don’t change or remove those what ever you do.

Anyway I feel might lessin the forced challenge aspect of the PoV and make it far more appealing to f2p and c2p players.

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