A quick raid vent- but over it now

Four heroes of the same color RAID Five consecutive rounds without what I wanted. It’s really a very balanced operation. Use this mechanism to make players feel sick. I’ve spent about $7,500 so far. You deliberately made me lose the game. I felt very nauseous. Now I hate your game planning very much. I took my money to give me this experience. It’s really bad.

Just checking you used a 4-1 formation.

So you’ve reduced the amount of really useful tiles to just 20% of what’s available?

Then it’s not surprising that you could go through five boards without getting what you wanted.

Stacking is a powerful, but unreliable, strategy.

But sorry you feel so bad about it.


I’m also sorry for you, but like to read, that one can’t replace luck with buck… :wink:


Another stacking/bad board venting thread?

To be clear, it wasn’t five raids but five rounds, right?

I have experienced that few times when I go 3-2. But I have also experienced the other way around when the initial board let me create a diamond with satisfying color.


thank you for your reply. My mood is now calm. This game is really great for exercising your patience. I want to keep the game in the usual mood. After all, the essence of the three elimination games is by luck. I see the outcome too important.


thank you for your reply. See #4


thank you for your reply. See #4.


Someone took “Hate the game, not the player” too serious

Only hate deserves hate, which seems to be a paradoxon like intolerance against intolerance.

Never mind, nothing and nobody deserves hate, since hate is the root of evil.


I always thought that was money?


it sucks when you get a bad board, sometimes you can’t do anything about it, but every time it’s about trying to make the best of it.

When I get a bad board, I just try to see if I can match as many tiles of the colors I don’t want first. It seems backwards to do that, but what I’m trying to do here is not damage, it’s get rid of colors that I don’t want to combo with.

most of the time that works… sometimes it’s :poop:


100% agree. So many times my board is full of blue which I haven’t used in a raid in a long time. I just try to clear them and take a hit or 2. Try to get Rigard charged and move on with the raid.

Give me a stack of yellow or purple and it is often a short raid for them.

Works sometimes like you said…the others well I just hope it is over quick.

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I often think that a ‘bad’ board is one that is hard to get moving.

A starting board that has few strong colours but provides a flowing cascade is actually not a bad board in most cases.


This is exactly my MO with a bad board. When color stacking I try to get rid of all the bad colors. Always thought I was being silly but I seem to get good results more often than not.


Stacking is reliable if you learn how to play the odds and work the board and resist the inherent temptation of the game to go for cascades

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Yep, it’s what I call “taking out the trash”. This strategy is good against non-damaging tanks (e.g. Vivica or Aegir). Big cascades, even of the wrong colors, don’t charge up the enemy’s mana as much as you might fear.


Good to know @Kerridoc. I look forward to your helpful insight. Thank you.

They need to fix this bs. I have a close to 4100 power team and I lose to a frickin 3400 team. They need to fix their damn cpu or whatever thhe hell is running the opponent crew. It’s straight up bs. Quick rigging the raid

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I usually go 2-2-1 in color stacking. The odds of a good board full mono only using 20% of tile colors isn’t a frequent occurrence.

  1. Team power means next to nothing and you should ignore it.

  2. There are plenty of threads in the forum full of helpful guides to effective raiding - if you’re genuinely struggling, browse around. Attackers’ advantages are so huge that you should find it easy to win six raids in a row when you want to fill a chest and should more often than not collect 40 or 50 cup hauls when you decide to test yourself against more difficult defences.

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