A Quick Fix for the Wizard Class

There’s been much discussion about some of the odd classing choices, particularly Kiril and Guinevere’s obvious oddity as wizards. Most of the solutions proposed involve switching heroes classes, but there’s an easier way.

The wizard talent reads: “+5% chance to deal +15% extra damage per active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.” The frustration for players is that some heroes classed as wizards don’t deal damage with their specials, and so make obviously poor wizards.

If SG changes the wizard talent to only apply to normal attacks (akin to the sorcerer’s talent), then this problem goes away. All you’d need to do is buff either the extra damage or the chance to proc sufficient to make up the difference. A +5% chance to add an extra +25% damage might work, or a +6% to add an extra +25%.

What a socialistic way of thinking… make them all equal by taking something away… :slight_smile:

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What the left hand takes away, the right hand gives back.

The trick is finding the right buff to the proc and/or damage buff to make up the difference, but I’ll leave that to the mathematicians, for whom that kind of thing is fun to figure out. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: I’m not sure any changes are needed

Now that’s a straight line, if I’ve ever heard one! I’m sure a few of us would enjoy the challenge (@Gryphonknight? @BarryWuzHere?).

The intrinsic problem, as I see it, is that there’s no flavor of damage buff that makes Kiril, Kashh or Guin meaningfully better at their jobs.

The class system is very uneven in its interaction with heroes. BT popping back to life is evil. When he does it with full mana and fires a heal, you can be set back by several tiles’ worth of fight progress. Pierce is kinda meh for Inari. It doesn’t affect her special at all. But at least she’s primarily an offensive character, and her attack stat is high. So this increases the punch of her tile damage nicely. Combined with a damage booster like Tarlak or Wu, her tiles burning through defensive buffs will really sting.

But only a few heroes are truly mismatched to classes. Kiril at least goes on offensive raids, but with an attack stat of 648, his tile damage isn’t his biggest contribution. Kashh and Guin are almost purely defensive, though. On defense, you’re buffing a slash attack that procs once every 3 turns. Guin’s attack stat is indifferent at 669. Kashh’s is abysmal at 548.

So I’m hard pressed to see what could effectively be done in the way of upping normal damage for these heroes that would make Wizard even a tiny bit useful to them. I could run the numbers on gains vs. average defense with different normal-only upgrades. But nothing is going to really fix the underlying issue.

But maybe that’s ok. I guess the real question is: how much better do Kiril, Kashh and Guin really need to be? I think the class positioning was by design, not by accident…

For two turns any damage they heal on their team is stolen from the enemy teams health. That might do it.

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I would consider that a brand new damage effect vs. a damage buff. But yeah, that would be useful to them. Overpowered as all-get-out, but useful.

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lol…yeah I was thinking the same…but you could do say 10% of all heal for 2 turns is stolen from Enemies health across the entire team. I will let the mathematicians figur it out. I’m just the idea guy :wink:

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I’m against any means of this game makes Guin better. She still should be nerfed hard. Or simply remove the extra purple protection she gets.


I honestly think that to “balance” a bit old regular heroes we need this kind of oddity.

Otherwise classes have the only purpose to prolong our suffer.


I wouldn’t suggest you take away the usefulness of the wizard class skills for some heroes just because it doesn’t benefit other heroes. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only case where a class talent doesn’t help a particular hero.

@Garanwyn , yeah, I do like those sort of calculations, but I’m not digging all that deep into class stuff yet, and I’m not sure if I will or not. So many different classes, math is different for each one, and each one has a rather small pool of heroes to apply it to, and most of us don’t have all of them to choose between anyway.

And it doesn’t take actual math to go through the list of heroes and put them into categories:

  1. Their class talents really help them a great deal in one of the ways they are frequently used (titans, raid offense, raid defense, map/quests)
    Example: Boldtusk or Delilah with revive.
  2. Their class talent is useful.
    Example: Tarlak, Wu, or Wilbur will survive longer against titans; Gravemaker does a bit more damage with wound.
  3. Their class talent is effectively worthless for them, the only benefit they get are the improved stats.
    Example: Guin who is a defensive tank and her skill buffs offensive damage.

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