A question regarding continuing a battle with gems

Let’s assume my team dies in a battle after I already used all my battle items. If I continue the battle with gems, does it refresh my battle items or do I start with no battle items?

Thanks in advance.

You essentially get a Miracle Revive Scroll applied.

Game restarts at the same spot as when you died. Battle items are where you left them. All heroes are revived to full HP

but NOT to full HP I believe.


I see. Thanks.

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I just tested in Beta, and it appears to be full health.

I tried with both a team of 1-1 3* on 8-7, and a single maxed 5* alone on 23-11.


Thanks, I appreciate your effort.

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A post with some advice, and some math, about gem continues

([Math] Gem continues [More math, Math Apocalypse])


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