A question, can I recover E&P account from iOS to Android?

My iPhone is broken,now I have an android device…can I recover my account on the new phone??i want to continue to play …I was level 49…is possible?to connect with the old account ???

I was able to switch from an old ipad to a new galaxy note - android
Google how ro do thats how i learned - its a bit detailed

An option I think, caution not tested:

  1. Borrow iPhone/iPad from your friend, now you have Android and iOS in hands, connect both with the same Wifi network.
  2. Logout iOS account
  3. Login with your iOS account (which is your E&P progress lvl 49)
  4. Install E&P, Open make sure it is you at lvl 49.
  5. Open E&P and go to Menu - Setting - LINK TO AN ANDROID DEVICE
    Tap the Generate button to create a code - Be sure to generate the transfer code using the player profile whose progress you want to keep.
  6. Open E&P in your Android go to Menu - Setting - LINK TO AN APPLE DEVICE
    Select “Input a Code” tab. Follow the instructions provided.
  7. Do not forget to logout iOS account after complete.

Notes: Logout and login iOS account can cause sync data etc, caution and make backup, etc.

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Have not tried, but it seems what may be required is access to both old and new devices, but with your old phone being broken as you said… Below link may be able to help you, from SGG support


it happens to me a few time. Log into it. Connect with your email through google play and u should be ok
If you need help, email the E&P and they will get thing straighten out for you.

I would contact Support, they should be able to help you out since it sounds like you don’t have access to the old iPhone to get the code to migrate to an Android device. I think they’ll be able to help you with that.

I would follow these directions, and make sure to submit each item they ask for:

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