A question arises

On what basis are the champions chosen? I do not know if the game supervisors have a point of view that we do not know anything about

Only sorcerer and wizard classes are allowed.
Read this for more info, some great stuff:


I think this is contrary to the arrangement of colors How to fight heroes of darkness without heroes of yellow color and also play in front of the red color and one fighter fighter of blue and be the category of healers

Yeah but this is something different from the usual ‘‘let’s stack red to superkill green’’.
This is about classes and the heroes you have, its a nice contrast from the other quests because its diversity, you have to try teams you’ve never thought or wanted to try before if you want those coins.


I have no experience, but I have to give wider choices. I have no choice but the champions but I only win 5 champions. I think that is not good. I have about 40 champions. I think a little bigger chance will be good.

There are wider choices. Please Read the thread posted above. There are many heroes you can use. But if you don‘t have them your choices get limited.

You can see your own list of choices

Double heals and 2 fast mana heros, 1 mana speed reducer, you should have no issue

Take battle items just in case

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