A quarterly HOTM raffle proposal

Scrolling through the boards, alot of players see the need for more access to HOTM in thier rosters and this idea hit me.

First, this idea is a stand alone and shouldnt be buried in another’s post (I asked, got no response). Will give reason to advantages below.

Edit: no idea how above text got so big…


  • based on current hotm pull percentage a player may obtain that lucky raffle ticket as a reward for AW participation win or a personal Raid win.
  • Only one can be held at a time, but your automatically entered into the drawing.
  • for raids, TP level is checked and the ticket can only be found from equal or higher adversaries.
  • drawing is performed every 3 months and 10% of entries are randomly chosen. So 100 tickets would mean 10 winners.
  • HOTM is randomly drawn. One week only, a portal is present to draw your prize.

Awesome if you read this far. By no means will this “break” the game or oppose those willing to spend the dough to have that small chance of getting that extra pull. As far as anyone would be concerned, they got lucky one way or the other. Plus, P2P playes will have just as much of a free chance as F2P players. Totally not one sided.

What this will do, is increase the overall need for players to actually participate in the game features. In order to even remotely have a chance for a ticket, you have to play. And you have to win. But no guarantees. In fact your chances might be better spending the cash or collecting gems like I do.

Right now, with the way things are hero wise, HOTM are more powerful with extra skills then standard heros pulled from training or epic summons and would be a bonus for anyone’s roster.

Thanks for reading

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