A puzzled question about how buff effect each other, please help

Hi guys, I am totally confused about how buff effect each other. My main question is about Aeron element link which give dark allies +5% attack and defence, so he fires then a attack booster like Krampus fires what happen? Does that 5% add then whole attack increase 50 or it rewrite? That element link stay 6 turns and not possible to dispel so what happen if Areon again fires does it increase 5% more? I want to know the whole plan of how buffs effects on each other.

They stack multiplicatively.

So 1.05 * 1.5 = the total attack stat modifier

Aeron firing again will replace his previous elemental link.

More info on buff interactions:
📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks.

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Can u answer this ? It made so confuse when I check it.
First I check Aeron and Krampus it seems they add together 5% Aeron and 50% and finally Aeron state increase 55% so far so good
Them I test Krampus and Zulag, the defence skill of Krampus is undispellable 44% and increase each turn and Zulag increase defence 46 % so based on what I saw about Aeron I expect to Krampus defence increase 90% but it just increase 44% and something more starge it does not increase 10 % each turn either here is the pics

For second question maybe my team did not hit at all I saw it now but why Zulag did not effect on Krampus defence?

That’s one element link and one buff so they stack.

That’s two buffs, they overwrite each other and don’t stack. Normally you would only see the last buff you used, but krampus is undispellable so zulag can’t overwrite him, you only see krampus buff.

Krampus needs to get hit. Without hits on krampus nothing will increase.

Right I thought it is for being Indispensable
Sorry two more question first what about increasing special skill ? I want to use Brynhird wirh Krampus . She increase defence against special skill 74 %, so does it count based on last defence state I mean it adds to the increased defence skill of Krampus or that rewrite too?
And last one it said the defence increase for each hit, the hit of tile for allies count or not? If it counts it can be so high and if that 74% rewrite it so practically it is disadvantage

First of all read the link gunvor provided for you, most of your questions are answered there.

Not sure if I understand that, but krampus needs to get hit/receive damage. Only than the def+ will get increased.

That’s two different buffs, they stack.

Believe me I read all then ask my questions
First I try it to find out myself if I could not I google it and last I ask it
I read it it is so general my questions are so practical
To prove I read some of them they said what have different Icons can stack so the effect of Krampus and Zulag have different icons one increase defence per hit another increase defence once so that answer not work for me, about hit I mean on Krampus card use “they” hit , does it means whole team or just Krampus and all hits counts? I mean minion tile and etc.
About stack that two skills I use Zulag and Krampus together so if that skills stack the damage on Krampus will be so low but it was not. I will check the last thing myself
So if there are difference icon they stack?

Or about Gullon who have same kind of power but attack
It say attack increase by 48% and further increase 20 % for each hit on caster or allies for 3 turns, so if enemy has minions or allies has wilbur share hits they can receive 5 hits each turn easily so at then end of 3 turns attack increase 248% and it says damage point is 179 and max it 330 almost so it reach max points too.
If we calculate it Gullin attack state is around 650 ×248% and other calculation the damage will be 1200 points on all enemies. Does it possible?

They don’t stack.
But of course you read everything.

That’s one of the first things in the link

That’s not what it says. It says they ARE hit. So you don’t need to hit something, you need to get hit.
And “they” is the caster, krampus

Sorry don’t get it?
One is his attack and one the damage he does. His damage can’t get higher than what it says on the card

I meant by I read all was I read what I find
My language is not english I just saw overwritten part on the pic u sent.
Here less people know english too, it is clear not me not anyone can read all
So there is two different icon and not stack. :confused:

If u not become mad I should add I do not know what is meaning of last column the over written part

It says reach max 0.8× attack
So it means 0.8 × attack state.
In card says 330 points is maxed damage but I read the attack boost can increase DOT like burn damage, I know this damage is not like them but if attack can effect on it on card mentioned hero attack increase 20% for each hit on him or allies so the number of hit can increase so much for example if use wilbur and enemy have minion it can easily reach 10 hit per round. Each minion hit any allies it count 5 hit so attack can increase 248 % after 3 turns.
Basic attack is near 640 now u increase it 248% and calculate it for 330 points just like burn damage and see result

Sorry do u have IG account to talk there it will be faster and more clear too

It means it will replace the original and won’t stack. Krampus is undispellable so his buff won’t get replaced but it still don’t stack.

That’s wrong, it can’t boost dot.

Yes and max means max, it can’t get higher whatever you wish.

Only his attack stat will increase.

I don’t have, and I don’t think, that just switching the platform of communication will change anything about the clearness.

My time is over, so don’t wonder when I stop answering for now

Similar buffs override each other, different buffs stack up.

I. e. Aeron gives you through element link an attack boost, then Krampus another 30% from special skill, those 2 stack up.

Then you fire Aeron again, it restarts the same attack buff, because it’s from the same elemental link.

If you had Miki, for example, and fire him, then you’d have 3 buffs stacking up, and if you had Mireweave, it would be 4 buffs stacked on Mireweave, and 3 on the rest of the team.

Hope this helps.

I know it can not increase the numbers of damage but it increase hit
I read on furom DoT points put on calculation just like percentage for example a hero who have 300 burn damage the final damage will be
%300 × att/def ^ 1.35 ×100 approximately.
The number is stable 300 but attack state can increase and in Gullin card it can increased so much on some situation.
DoT final damage changed by attack state and it is the reason hero on defence damage more because of 20% of attack bonus on defence

No. This is wrong. See my previous response. They do NOT add. They MULTIPLY.

No, it wont. Read the thread I linked above. Undispellable cannot be replaced by anything other than itself (i.e only Krampus’ buff can replace Krampus’ buff.)

It will ONLY increase IF HE GETS HIT… It’s stated explicitly in Krampus’ skill description “and a further 10% increase EVERY TIME THEY ARE HIT during 3 turns.”

Again, no. It specifically applies ONLY to hits on Krampus.

Yes it says “they” but it’s referencing the same person asthe rest of that skill description references. In english grammar, the word “they” references the topic of conversation. In this instance, the description stats “the caster”; this then becomes the reference for “they” later in the same sentence.

Again, they will not stack. See the thread I linked in my original first response.

See the difference is that it specifically references allies. Krampus does not.

No. Read Gullinbursti’s card. It states how much damage it will ultimately max out at.

DoT is affected ONLY by PRE-BATTLE attack modifiers. I.e. card stats, emblems, defence team “silent bonus” and troops. In game buffs DO NOT affect DoT… Never have and never will.

Read this thread for more info: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)


Thanks sadly I join game late and have many questions and love to know anything, maybe it happens little by little, do u think Aeron is good one on new double formation position 3? If other heros be Krampus and Santa between Brinhyrd and Zulag and Aeron which one is better to be on position 3 and double is better for them or double reverse?

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You are looking at A3E (area of effect - 3 heroes) in that spot which is good. Note only Bryn is non dispellible - that’s the problem with the other two. They aren’t bad, but can be dispelled. Everyone has a weakness, there’s is just more common.

I don’t have much experience with these three. Let’s see if we get some other opinions.

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