🌹 A Player By Any Other Name... Where does your Game Name/Forum Name come from?

If you frequent the Forum, you see a lot of the same names each day.

And in Raids/War/Events we know there are lots of Familiar Names

Ever wonder where those names come from?

I do!

So…who wants to share where your Forum username and/or game name comes from, and what it means to you?


You start, @zephyr1! :grin:


My favorite companion animal, my dog Missy. She was a retired show champion Cairn terrier that I adopted after her owner passed away and the most awesome dog I’ve had the pleasure to share my life with. She has a special place in my heart even though she is no longer here :heart:


No way to use any genteel wording? :wink:


Came up with my name in another game. The ghost light is one of my favorite theatrical superstitions. The last one out turns on the ghost light on the stage. It had some bitterness to the meaning (the usage of 0 and 1 was a dig at deserting teammates), but now I just like it.


My handle is also a borrow from a previous game (Gemstone IV). My name is neither Kerry nor am I a doctor.


Olmor is a creation upon my surname.

First use was in the early 90s for Secret of Mana on Sega Megadrive console. I use it since then for all rpgs.


I’ve always been a Zelda fan since the original NES version (no surprise, right?), and in late 2002/early 2003 when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GameCube came out, I bought it.

When I started playing, I wanted to pick an in-game name for Link that was wind related, just for fun and to be in keeping with the game’s theme.

I researched a number of different ideas, and eventually landed on using a name drawn from Greek Mythology related to wind direction, which left me with Zephyrus, Boreas, Eurus, or Notus as options. Of those, I toyed with both Zephyrus and Boreas as favorites, and decided upon Zephyrus for its connection to a favorable west wind, which seemed appropriate for the game.

I shortened the name to zephyr to modernize and simplify it a bit.

For whatever reason, it really resonated with me, and I’ve used it in a variety of contexts ever since, over the last 15 years or so.

When I originally joined the Forum, zephyr wasn’t available, and I’d read a lot of posts by @Pois1, so I was inspired to tack on a 1 and became @zephyr1.

Originally my Forum avatar was just the default Z, but when I became more active last year, I added on the Link avatar in homage back to the source of my name.

Ok, @Rook, your turn! :cat:


I love that game! I’ve replayed it a few times over the years, including a few years ago.

I always play E&P without sound, but in my head, when the monsters explode, I hear the sound effects from Secret of Mana. :laughing:


Haha! Nice @zephyr1!
Quite a few years ago I decided to use a nickname Poison. In the first game I really wanted to play it was not available and the game suggested Pois1. Since the pronunciation is close I decided to go with it and I am using it everywhere since then.


Turn based 4 eva :sunglasses:

I loved Zelda on Wii. Wasn’t able to finish it, but all on sNES and gCube.


I loved Zelda despite not being turn-based, but that’s always been my preference over real-time, because I don’t like feeling rushed.

I actually mentioned that elsewhere not too long ago:


I ride a lot, an avid cyclist.

Longest ride was 130 miles with 13,000’ elevation.
Favorite ride is around Lk Tahoe.


Well for all the older anime fans out there it’s probably pretty obvious especially when u c my profile pic but it’s the suit that Shinji pilots from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cowboy Bebop is my other all time fav but Spike just seemed too common so I went with EVA01…



Sooooo… we have an old school anime fan here huh? Funny I was just giving u a like for the Zelda reference. Best Video Game Ever. Changed gaming for ever.


I’ve watched some old school anime, and many, many years ago in school had friends who were really into it.

But I actually think @Rook might be better acquainted, if I’m not mistaken. :slight_smile:

Cool. If u ever wanna watch the best it’s the pure 26 episode format. Cowboy Bebop. U will love it.


I’ve definitely seen some Cowboy Bebop, but it was long enough ago that I don’t remember it well.

Hrairoo is the lapine name for Fiver, the seer. He is the deuteragonist in the novel Watership Down. It is a fitting name for me as I’m really good at being the number two man, the go-to behind the scenes kind of gal.