Alliance Name: “Pint of Fun”

#Players: 27/30

Cup Requirements: 2400

When Alliance is full with 30 players, we’re at the top 100 Leaderboard

(Players are conditioned to play at higher level. Titan hits are made, all War flags are automatically used, War is usually organized. BASICALLY, everyone pulls their weight and expects the same of you)

*Pint Alliance family also includes “Pint of Jerks” and “Pint of Autumn Wind”


*Highly fun & competitive oriented players from around the world.

We Battle 100+ consecutive 12 Titans (We DO NOT PASS).
Since we DO NOT PASS, Titan chests are more frequently available

*Players push hard to remain in top 100 Leaderboard

#Optimum Goals for players:

*100K minimum Titan score

*Maintain minimum 2400 cups

*Prefer 6 War teams

*We also prefer your Defense team: 4200+

Our lowest player Roster has fifteen fully maxed 5 with five 5/70 waiting on mats. We’ve accepted rosters with less, but in those circumstance, we weigh other factors.

Send Rosters and/or messages to Line ID: ohanajewels


Great bunch of people!! Fun war chat. :slight_smile:

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