A Pint of Fun! is Recruiting High-Level Players!

A Pint of Fun! is recruiting high-level players! We are a very fun, active alliance with 100% participation. See below for additional recruiting stats!

Desired Player Profile:
Level: 40+
Trophies: 2400+
Team Power: 3900+
Damage on 9-11* Titans: 100K+
War Score: 175+
Play Style: Dedicated/Active/Daily
Titans and Wars are required.

Current Alliance Profile
Level Average: 42+
Trophy Average: 2400+
Defense Power Average: 3800+
Score: ~136K
Rank: ~250 (Highest: 131)
Strongest Titan Defeated: 11* Chaos Spider
Social: Discord and/or Line - we use both
Drama: None

Number of Openings: 2

If you are an active, high-level player looking for a new home, please come and check us out! We would love to have you join!

Thanks for reading!

Also - we would like to fill the open spot before Alliance Wars resume. So, if you’re interested come and check us out! Thanks!

We had another person retire to IRL and now have 2 openings!

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We filled 1 spot and still have 2 available! Search for us on the Alliances tab in the app!

Filled another - only 1 spot left now! Thanks for reading!

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