A pin or similar for top finishes

The devs should consider awarding something for top finishes. An avatar or background would be cool. Alternatively a pin that says 1,2,or 3 or something to that effect. Maybe it can be colored or designed based on the the source of the top finish - raid tournament, mythic titan, etc.

I’d LOVE a mythic watcher pin. Creepy little eye is watching you!



Yes. That would definitely identify that avatar or pin user that he or she has been the first placer of that event and the number signifies how many time such player did so. This will easily identify him or her as a huge huge huge whale of the money and resources just to get the prized heroes and troops as well as the redoing the same stage several times. Yeah. The whales would love it!!

While I see your point @Ultra, I’d go for pins based on tiers rather than super exclusivity. Kind of like avatars for seasonal events. We all get them for completing the event at varying levels of difficulty. Meet a minimum score, get a pin for participating in Mythic Titan Ifrit event.

Alternate perspective - Pins for the whales and more ascension mats for the mid-tier finishers. Whales have enough ascended heroes (less need for more mats?) and mid-tier want to catch up to the whales and compete.

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