A phenomenon That is becoming more noticed

I have noticed after the preparation phase has started we get the player that joins the alliance and then leaves…of course this lets the enemy see the lineups 24 hours ahead of war start…

It is a royal pain to switch to invite then to open all the time…but that is the obvious player fix

But would like to call out that one it is being done and two a possible fix is an auto set to invite when preparation starts so that the alliance must commit to opening the door back again.


What do they gain by seein the lineups?

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They could take a screen shot and the whole alliance can speed level all the 5* they need that counter it in an hour and then win the war through awesome tactics. High fives all around.

Or they gain nothing.

Coin flip really.


It happened to us once… we changed our tank color once the guy left… just in case.

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For those of us that arent’t 30 5* and stacked with 30 team members, knowing who and who isn’t in the war sets up 24 hours to figure out a strategy and during Atlantis it also provides a good chance to work on a few more advantages upgrading where you can to give an edge.

I know from the max team max alliance situation it isn’t an issue. But it is for those who aren’t up there…well again, we all have other aspects of the game we work within.

Lol are you serious?

Their strategy wont change based on your tanks

The heroes they like using and regularly use wont change

And the amount of maxed heroes they have in strong color vs tank may change by 1 or 2 per player at most

And even then it has 0 effect on your strategy, your defense setups, win or loss, etc

Both teams will hit when they always do
The same strength targets they always do
Etc etc

It has as little impact up top as it does down bottom


Just to screw up whatever info they gathered.

And to have a totally different setup of that he saw.

My guess is that he entered to see our tank colors and weakest players, along with their position on the board, so they had enough time to choose weakest targets for their strategy.

Changing our tank color did also change our teams total HP, so they found everything different when the war started.

We won that war… I don’t know if it would have been different if we had choosen not to do anything, but we didn’t want to risk.


Once again rigs I could care less about your opinion. Move on.

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Oh you care or you wouldn’t have responded :smiley:


I’m positive it would have been a win either way

They didn’t get any info they wouldn’t get at war start anyways

And with 24hrs in war, they would have time to make whatever adjustments they made by seeing your teams beforehand

But i guess we’ll never “100% know for sure”

Have you guys faced them again since?

I am curoius about why woud you let your alliance open?

We only open our weakest guilds when we ask for help on a titan, otherwise is always invites only.

Usually so our people can come and go for titan hunts and not require someone to “let them back in”

I know, but I think they went in, screenshot our board and made their strategy based on that.

Witrh our change we made sure they had do it all again when the war started, that was it.

We never face them again AFAIK.

I suggest you close your alliance, once we opened ours for the same reason and one player lost his spot.

The problem was that the new player was a great addition, he stayed with us, and the guy that went “hunting” had to wait until we redirected another member to another alliance.

You can rearrange the board before/during/after war with promotions and demotions

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Yes, but it sounded more fun to just undo whatever he had done… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That seems to me the most logic and easy thing to do eventually if you don’t give up on a color where all your team is quite strong.

Overall, i don’t see this tactic as something giving you an overwhelming advantage and definetely in their shoes i will not bother doing it.
But i’m quite lazy myself :sweat_smile:

Since it’s only a single setting button, closing your alliance just right before matchmaking start is the easier solution.

I know it’s a bother, still it 100% prevent this situation.
Usually people do not genuinely join alliances at that time.


Imo they can make the strategy right after war starts. The 24hr head start isn’t that great an advantage.

As far as leveling heroes etc goes, no alliance (not even 7DD) has the kind of resources to level heroes based on your defenses and have them ready for a war within 24 hours consistently. Power leveling can be done in a limited capacity and at certain time intervals, not indefinitely.

People may think they are getting big advantages by doing these kind of things, but the actual impact is pretty meh imo


I quite understand.

But if they think it’s worth it to send a spy to get info from us in advance, it’s worth it for us to have fun screwing whatever they were planning.

If I recall correctly we had just changed our tank color, so we were strong in the color we changed to.

As for the alliance being open, we’ve always been invite only, the guy knocked our door and somebody opened for him.

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