A personal war against Titans

@zephyr1 Imagine waging a war against your own personal Titan… 6 teams to try and knock down a Titan as much as possible. No time limits. Teired rewards. Maybe not the same Titans we see for an alliance. Archenemies! I would love to see the ability to have a Titan like adversary with no time limit. I’d have to choose 6 teams similar to my War strategy, to try and cut the adversary down. After my 6 teams have attacked, I get rewarded for my efforts in a proportional sense. With an outright kill giving out a bit better rewards. This could be a very interesting concept about Hero Rosters… More use for healers, buffers, and such, as you would need 6 teams with Titan survivability…


Ok, imagining… :thinking: :thought_balloon: :dragon:

This seems like the core of your idea:

  • A giant monster boss that I fight on my own, with rules / process similar to a Quest, i.e. no time limit and perhaps items

  • Multiple attack attempts, but only one use of each hero

  • It’s ok if I fail to kill it, I get some rewards no matter what, with the biggest rewards if I kill it

That sounds cool to me!

So since you tagged me in particular, do I get like naming rights for these personal titan monsters, or…?


Titan 1 with 100,000hp - No time limit - 6 teams - No hero repeats. If titan isn’t killed outright by 6th team, Give out pro-rated rewards. 72 hour wait period, titan of same magnitude reappears.
Once Titan has been successfully defeathed by 6 teams, 72hour waiting period begins. New titan appears. New titan has 25k/50k more HP than the previous titan.
If unsuccessful in killing off current level of titan 3 times, titan goes down a level…
Personal Titans appear after level 25? Perhaps something of that nature…

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As long as they are the names of your ex’s that’s cool… One has to be named Jennifer though… and it has to look like a bridge troll that got beat with a bag of nickels.

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Then people would start having personal competitions to see if they can beat their max single round dmg etc etc. Just a thought.

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Good thing my dating history is sufficient for a nice variety of titans.

Um, yeah, sounds like maybe that one is for your sake. :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for taking the time to respond…

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I moved this to #ideas-feature-requests too, so people can vote on it.

I’ll poke around too to see if there’s anything similar that’s been posted before to consolidate support and ideas with.

EDIT: I don’t see anything quite along these lines so far.

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Like the idea, voted…

Could maybe combined with the suggestions to have sth like endless battles. A titan with respawning monsters beside with a time limit of say 15 minutes to take him down or to score as much as you can.

Could be the same titans as the regular ones and would be similar to have about 10 flags.

If you’ll take one down, a better one would come, if not a weaker like for the alliance.

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I haven’t poked around too much in here, yet. But will take a look through the forums. How do you"vote" for something, if you don’t mind me asking.

In this suggestion area all topics offer that possibility on top of the opener.

Simply click vote there.

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This sounds like fun on a bun, son!

@Olmor found it thanks, I had looked over it every time.

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Yesss! :heart_eyes: LOVE THIS IDEA! :star_struck:

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If this seems like something that would be interesting, in the top left corner of this post click the ‘vote’ button. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Some could have some potential. I think this one has some potential.

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After i finished the season 2, i was enthusiast for the final battle, probably the most enjoyable moment of game since the season 1 final battle.
Could be possible to add a “personal titan”, a weekly unique special enemy that spawn on your S2 map, and that you have to fight in the same mode of the Ursena final battle?

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Hello Zephyr1 . :slightly_smiling_face: I want to ask for something. Can you put five different colors titans on my main team ? My nickname in the game is Dina . Just for one or two days . Please. I want to have Titan team . :heart: To show to my friends . :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Dina, welcome to the Forum!

What do you mean by putting titans on your main team?

I mean to have Titan team . Just for a day . Can you do this for me . Please

Well that sounds like fun. :smile:

I’m just a fellow player, so no, unfortunately I can’t give you a team of Titans. They also don’t exist as hero cards — although adding them to the game is an interesting idea. :slight_smile:

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