A perfect mono team?

I’d say costume elk has two advantages:
1 higher damage to three. 280% to three is better than 330% and minor damage to nearby as it does more total damage.
2 healing self based on damage self is weak. But stealing healing from the other team can keep enemies low on health.

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Thanks , anyone’s opinion is important to me , thanks , and have a successful war :wink:

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Ruskin nailed it … the really big deal is the hitting 3 equally. That is 100% to 3 enemies compared to 100% to one and 50% to two others.

Stealing the healing is also terrific when used with fiend heroes. Also great against Prof Lindenbrock, Xnolphod, etc.


Great now i now what to do with my Elkanen costume :slight_smile: Tank you Jack for your time and answer i appreciate that. You have a nice personality, have a nice day and good board !!!

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

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The perfect mono team is the one that has tiles on the board when it opens. Heroes themselves are completely incosequential. Mono is lazy. You get tiles or you don’t. There is no team that can survive someone getting 5 specials charged at the same time. None.

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Why Mono? —Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube

For which attack style is this not a true statement?
A fun look at 3/2 versus Mono—Empires and Puzzle Books - YouTube

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But what does that have to do with running mono?

No 4-1, 3-2, 2-2-1, or rainbow team can survive either if as team of 5 goes off at the same time, either.

LOL yes mono is lazy, if all you do is rely on flailing away with the tiles to charge the specials and hope you get good boards to do so. But that is just as true of any other setup. Mono is not lazy if you take the time to figure out how to maximize wins when you don’t get the boards to flail away.

As far as I know, I have the 2nd highest cup count recorded at 3,360 and I did it with mono … one single mono team on every fight regardless of enemy set up … only one offensive loss all day.

As far as I know, I am the only player to break 3,300 with mono and I have done it 3 times now. :slight_smile:



My war scores became noticeably higher and more consistent when I started using mono teams. It allows me to maximize the effectiveness of my limited selection of heroes over six battles.

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Hehe a few people actually have you beat :wink:

I didn’t say it didn’t work. I said it was lazy.

Who made you judge of other peoples play style?
I know where Jekyllandhyde played, he was in 7DA, one of the top 10 alliances.
Where did you play?
I know wars in the top100 area and raiding above 2800 cups.
I play to win and take the team I think that will be best suited for the task.
Sometimes its 3-2 sometimes 2-1-1-1 and often a carefully composed mono team. Theres nothing lazy about playing mono on higher levels. You need more leveled mana troops, healer, dispeller, cleanser, def down and edd in every color.
Declaring this as laziness is short of ignorance and misconception of the games mechanic. Did you ever try to understand the elemental link of the HotM?
Think about it before xou judge other players.