A perfect mono team?

A perfect mono team? I love this team so much, I am building a second one (only one The Hatter so Francine will take his post on Nature team #2).


Fast 5* heal, cleanse, dispell, lower def, lower element def and hard hit 3 target. From all 5*, other color can’t have all these ability at fast speed. They are pretty perfect.

If Theobald from Starfall Circus were average, he would have more chance to ruin this perfect team if he came off. Luckily, he is slow.

I’m not sure what will happen if Theobald reflect Hatter’s steal buff. Will Hatter steal his own buff ? :smile:


Would you replace Hater with Elradir since he is the same speed and hits 3 equally?

Just wondering because I have been setting up the same type of teams. Now that I have my fast and slow heroes for different defense setups, Im maxing 3-target heroes. I have blue and green left and Im deciding between Elradir and Hater for green.

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My concern with Elradir is he doesn’t pair well with Toxicandra. She is faster and will remove the ailments to which he would be reflecting. When I am not using The Hatter (which is rare), I put in Francine taking be from 2X Debuffs, 1X Ailment removal to 2X Ailment removal, 1X Debuff

To me, The Hatter is one of the most important heroes for raid formations. If they come to War, it wil lbe decisive. The ability to steal Sif/C Obakan’s riposte from 5 heroes … steal Krampus/BK’s taunt … stealing Prof. Lind is priceless!!

What got my eye was the troops. 2 x 30 and 2 x 23… quite impressive, but, is there anyone with 5 x lvl.30 in one color, as far as you know?

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I think Colonel Indiana Longnuts has 3X30 with one of them being crit. I have not seen beyond that.

Yes, I saw one. He/she is a second place in day 1 of the previous tournament (5*, no blue, buff booster ). He/she use mono red defense with all lv30 troop (not sure if all are mana troop or not) but I can’t remember his/her name

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Formations are something Ive been thinking a lot on recently. My current thought is that it may not be worth running a double formation in war. My guess is that most alliances will want to run reverse standard formation.

My concern is that there are a lot of good fast\average 3-hitters out there that will suddenly get a huge boost against double formation teams. Heck, Thoth would see his value go up 1000%. Lady Lock would probably be hitting 1k damage to all after emblems…and those are rarely used heroes. Heroes like Hel and Drake would be in abundance to counter double formations.

Not saying you are wrong at all. I often find myself missing a detail so this is why I ask. Do you think teams will favor stacked formations if they come to war? Do you think the 3-hitters will be as valuable if they don’t or teams stick to a standard or reverse standard formation?

My guess is that if formations come to war, we might not have a choice. It might be “this week it is reverse for everyone” or it might be “reverse double for all.”

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Given the choice, I suspect most would opt for reverse.


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