A nice small group *found* a bigger home - Thank you all!

Crono looking for 9 hitting 10☆ would be great to take you all, we currently dark tanks

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Come check us out at Lockdown Bulldogs
You won’t be disappointed
It’s a friendly alliance, competive, not hardcore and happy with F2P or C2P etc - no pressure at all.
Will have Discord available to those that want it.
We don’t have any strict rules or war strategies other than - please hit the Titan when you log on and if you opt into War use all six flags.
But at the same time we appreciate that RLS happens.
And no problem slotting you all into the alliance right now.
We start with a new war chest today Thursday 4th February- so now is a good time to join
Wherever you decide to go - good luck


You are welcome, looks fitting. Take a look, but have to tell you that i am going to our resting alliance soon so there will be new but nice leadership and you and your mates could fill up our ranks :fox_face:

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Thank you all for your time and interest. As soon as my other alliance mates show up I hope we’ll take a decision (hopefully we’ll all decide on the same thing)!
I really apreciate you all taking the time to reply. Whatever we’ll chose we wish you all good luck with your alliance!
‘Till then have some :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


Have a look here mate, we have space currently!

Any questions get in touch :slight_smile:


Hi @Gwi

Rise Against have 20 members and 9-10* titans currently, but it’s 10-11* when we have enough members. We have a minimum titan requirement of either 5 hits or 80k dmg. The war strategy is as follows: defeat the weakest 6-8 opponents based on tp and again when they respawn, then reset at 12hrs on the war clock. Usually get a 2nd reset thereafter.

You sound like a great group and I wish you all the best with your transition/merge :smiley:


Hey @Gwi ! :wink:

Please check us out, Moonshine Warriors! We might be a good fit for you all. We are an international , adult - no drama alliance and we have 8 spots open at the moment.

Currently we are fighting mainly 10* titans with occasional 11* ones. We have no minimum damage on titans but we ask all members to attack all daily titans.
Our war rules are simple: coordinate our war tanks and must use all flags if opt in war.

Whenever RL happens, communication is the key.
Line or Discord is used, but it’s optional.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our recruitment thread or you can reach me on Line: magnifique89.

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:



I’m Dez from crew-sapphires!

A little bit about us

We’re active daily
When we had 21 members we were hitting 9/10* but now we have 23. With the 7 of you we’ll get to 11+ And MORE in no time (that’s exciting right?!)!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

We never leave a war flag unused so we win and lose as a team

Semi-casual—we know RL happens which why there’s never any drama in chat. But honestly there’s no drama bc everyone does what we all expect teammates to do and so if a missed flag happens on Titan or war everyone knows it’s a one off.

We do have line but it’s not required. It’s helpful though because we’re a part of the larger crew family of alliances and there’s tons of great info, advice, connections there for those that want to partake.

Last but not least, we have a small co-leadership and so I welcome anyone that wants to help and step up into a leadership role in case there’s anyone w those desires there at your alliance :grin:

Feel free to message me here or message any of us on line if you have it.

LineID amateurdez
LineID ruesor
LineID pandapolacco

Best of luck in your search! :heart:



Mount Olympus has opened second alliance called Mount Olympus Academy.

We are looking for any group that would merge with our family of alliances. Looking for all people of 1000+ cup rank.

We mostly kill there 9-10* titans and we have 6 spots open, maybe 7 if needed.

Leave a message or contact me on line ID: cityempireofur

Hope you consider us.

P.S. Language is english. lol

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Just giving alliance Inc. a thumbs up been here about 60 days and they do fulfill all your criteria. Am also willing to give* fine gloves to each new member. *when sg allows such trading


Hey @Gwi
If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out Silent Implosion. Leader @Toya.

Any other alliance I could suggest do not have space to fit, what sounds like an awesome group. GL in your decision making.

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Heroes and Horsemen are currently at 14/30 and looking to expand slightly. We aren’t looking to expand rapidly to 30, we would rather add the right people. Feel free to check us out or message gomerpilot on Line if you like. Currently with only 14 we kill 8-9 stars easily with the occasional 10.

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Hi, Have a look at Dark Tide, we are very a very active alliance, a very friendly bunch of people. We attach in wars like a well-oiled machine and battle 10* titans.
Would love to have you

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Hello Gwi,
Read your post and we’re interested in you folks joining us :grin:. Let me begin by telling you a little about us. We are a 50/50 US/EU alliance which works out well for wars. Currently at 23 members slaying 10* Titans and occasionally an 11*.

Per our description all members hit titans daily and we have coordinated wars where of course members use all war flags. Wars are coordinated but not militant. Although I can’t remember the last time we did not use all flags we do understand that real life happens and ask members to opt out of the next war if they miss a war flag. 2 consecutive wars with an unused flag is grounds for dismissal. Our war strategy is simple. During weekend wars leaders set farming targets and they are farmed twice before we begin flipping/FFA/mass attack which usually begins at the 12-14 hr mark on the war clock. During weekday wars we farm once then begin due to the time constraints of our European counterparts. This simple strategy has garnered us an 80% success rate.

We are a chatty group with more activity on the weekends and during wars. Some of us have been playing together for over a year and we use line to communicate as well as alliance chat. Our line group has the wise goat and albums with lots of helpful information that is updated regularly. Our goal is to find either individuals or a group of like minded players that will grow with us into slaying 11*-12* Titans.

We also have a training alliance that was created to allow some of our low level or less active players to participate in low level wars and help them fill their POV war challenge quest. This alliance currently has 19 members and is slaying 6* Titans. Members can move up to Loot Hunters when they feel they are ready. Or if members need to take a little break, going on vacation or just wanna do something a little different, they can move down to Loot Hunters Boot Camp. I see you have 7 members ranging from level 37 to 69 so you folks would fill out Loot Hunters nicely. If you would like to discuss further you can reach me at Line ID: romanleviticus or reply here.

Results of last war

Give us a peek, I don’t believe you’d be disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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GRID LOCK would love to have you…we have 6 slots open and are hitting 8 and 9 star titans…no line or discord necessary. Sounds like you guys would be great additions!!

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First of all I want to thank again everybody for their time and interest in our post! Some people went above and beyond to try to make us feel welcomed and wanted. Know that your efforts are well appreciated.

Second of all, trying to pick an alliance to join is really harder than it seems! Even if it’s just a game, the people you’re playing with are all real. I actually feel bad I can’t join more than one alliance because there are so many good options! But in the end we chose the one we felt it was the best match for us!

I really apreciate this comunity and I want to congratulate all the leaders and co-leaders for their efforts to make their alliances the cozy homes they are!

P.S.1: You guys&gals are all great and I hope you’ll fill your alliances with the people you’re looking for really soon.

P.S.2: :cookie:s for everybody!!!
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

P.S.3: Uhmmm… how do you close this topic?


I gotta give the crew franchise props. They been amazing to so many peeps. Definitely check em out if u need a great family. :smiley::smiley::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: keep up the great work @dez82

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Looks like I’m late to the game :slight_smile: But still going to post anyway! We have have enough spots, and would be happy to have you guys. We are currently fighting 10-11* titans. We are very active. War is optional, but if you opt in all flags need to be used. We are chatty, and the help for fellow members has me beyond proud of my group. Give us a look, be happy to answer any questions! Line: Toya_76

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All set! Thanks to @Sarah2 for the heads up.

Enjoy your new home!