A New VIP-Like Option for Purchase

Would you possibly consider the addition of an additional item for purchase? I was thinking like with the VIP monthly purchase, you could have another that, like the VIP second builder, allow you to have one additional battle item for quests, map stages, etc. I am pretty that like the VIP pack, this would be quite popular and a good source of revenue for the company.

One other question that I know has been asked: could you please put in the ability for special offers to purchase different quantities if there is more than 1 item in stock? It’s tedious if there are 5 of a $0.99 item in stock and you want all 5, but have to sit there and make 5 different purchases. For some players (this has mentioned previously by several), their banks have limits on daily, weekly, monthly number of transactions and this could result in additional fees for them which will make them choose between several $0.99 purchases with extra fees or not spending money that would benefit the company. The ability to select different quantities for many different things is already in place: the shop, using loot tickets, etc.

I hope that these ideas are well received and can be implemented. As always, respectful feedback is always welcome.

Bad idea with the additional item, unless you restrict it to map levels only (and to be honest, i doubt that a lot of ppl would spend money for this then). This would force you to buy this additional item when you want to compete in events. And it would be the first and only thing only money could acquire intsead of time, like everything else. Money speeds things up in E&P but there is nothing a F2P can not achieve with enough time and luck what anyone else can achieve by now.

Nope. There will be a huge bridge for Challenge event between P2W player and F2P who’s already building up stocks for that challenge.

so are you proposing an extra slot for battle items? And secondly, an easier way to buy more than 1 quantity of any given sku?

For the player, I think the extra slot for battle items isnt as good an investment as spending on troops would be- if you’re struggling with season 3 map levels and feel your roster should be able to handle it, your troops may be the weak link.

For the designer and game team, rebalancing all of the levels and the difficulty of the pve content to keep it challenging for both users of 4 or 5 slots for battle items would be quite the challenge! That said, the hunter lodge consumables are so much more powerful than normal consumables that it’s almost the same thing as a 5th slot. Might be why we cant use them for challenge events.

That said, if the game could be balanced, 5 battle items instead of 4 could be fun. It certainly creates one more sink for our resources to go into- which translates into more spend, when executed well.

On buying sku’s, this is a no brainer- why not make it easier for spenders to spend?

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