A new type of titan?

We have our standard and rare titans and now you’ve added a mythic to the mix as an event.

How about adding a colourless titan to the mix it has no strengths nor weakness so it will all come down to awesome team synergy to take it down

This just popped in my head maybe a bad idea but just throwing it out there maybe someone will agree lol

It would have to have mega hit points and health because everyone at around my level seems to have at least one team with awesome synergy. Personally my Red team is my strongest.

A colourless Titan would be interesting but as always I think of the lower level players.

Currently they can at least pick a mono team and hope for a bit of board luck and get lots of tiles into the weak spot and at least get a decent score.

Take that away and suddenly colourless titans would become pretty hated.

As usual the top of the tree won’t have any issues, it just lets us pick the very strongest team we have and hammer it anyway. But your lower players you may be fairly new or being very disciplined and slow playing F2P aren’t going to have that luxury.

What I actually very much liked about the Mythic was the different difficulty levels. When I was 6 months in I’d not have been able to stand for long in the top difficultly so having those options meant I’d have been able to enjoy the content still.

So a colourless Mythic I could get behind as a one in 6 rotation for something different

there should also be a colorless rare titan, but have no color reflect or a color reflect that changes over time

See I considered new/mid game players as I thought it would teach them about using team symmetry instead of using mono 4/1 etc

If not make it so it only activates past say 11 star titan as that’s pretty much end game players anyway?

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