A New ToL Challenge

I’m in because I 100% relate to the no Proteus life!


@Muchacho how dare you suggesting a challenge like this? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

You know I won’t hesitate trying it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll have to trust on my 3* heroes then. I don’t have soany 4* heroes maxed.


I take this challenge! :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve only got 27 4 stars maxed. Some with emblems, so I will have to lean on my 3☆s for a bit. I’ll be fine. May have to play a stage or 2 more than once, but I’ll be fine. :wink:


I am going to try
let’s see if I don’t forget to capture the screen at the end


Nice one @Muchacho :slightly_smiling_face: thought it would be good idea as I liked the trail ones and other players too…
Soo Let’s see how people doo…
Gonna wait to see the bosses too @SamMe before I start to think what I’m gonna do…

Crafting some weapons too just incase :joy::+1:


Yeah, weapons… more titanium shields might be a good idea for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice @Muchacho im in!


No guts no glory @Sarah2 and @SamMe :wink:



Hahaha… Them are fighting words :crazy_face:.

Challenge accepted!

Keep the ideas coming :wink:.


It starts today… bump up for this!


Ahh bummer…missed this and I already did the first 3 with unlevelled 5* as I like seeing what they do. But I’d have held off if I’d seen this in time.

I shall remember for the next one

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Level 1 - 1:1 4* heros

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Okay… let’s see how it goes…

edit: done, please follow for 6-10!






This one was fun! Great synergy between C-Renfeld, C-Friar Tuck and Gramps. Tyrum to dispel and Bjorn to just hit hard. Was a long battle, C-Renny died once but Gramps fixed him up good. Slow and steady. Great examples of two vanilla heroes being made useful because of their costumes

Out of WE so back later for 6-10. From experience, 3s will die easily in 6 so I’m bringing out the 4s from here on


Awesome work @Sarah2 , and great teams there!


First 3 were unlevelled 4*s. Decided on the last level not to use my best team. Just to see if i could get it done. Fun times @Muchacho


I’m going to run with these teams I think:

Saving Holy and Dark as extra teams just in case I want to change it up for later levels.


Who needs 5*s when your 3*s have 5*-tier HP.


Mission accomplished :sunglasses:

Used all different kind of 3* and only S1 4*.

Items used total: 10 arrows, 2 anti dots, 10 small mana, 7 bombs.
Till lvl 7 only 3* (+zyprian 3.60 for one lvl), lvl 8 3* and 4* mix, lvl 9/10 only 4*

Lvl 6 was probably the hardest, team was maybe not optimal and the board was also not that great. Used the most items there I think.
Lvl 7 was probably the easiest, mono blue event team and Blue diamond on the board. That were two moves before all bosses were dead, nobody fired.

Great challenge @Muchacho, hope everyone has fun :+1:

Summary of all 10 fights with pictures


Rainbow, no healer, the first lvl is pretty easy I used my weakest heroes for that, no concern.

Lvl 2

No problems

Lvl 3

With zyprian the first 4* used although only at 3.60, still no healer

Lvl 4

First healer used, still easy

Lvl 5

Last lvl that was an easy breeze, instead of healer I used kvasir. First dead hero here.

Lvl 6

That was hard. The closest thing to a loss I had, started with all heroes double health, taunt was super useful here, but the real lifesaver was pixie. Without her I would have lost without question. Also first time, that I used mats and probably the only time, that I really needed them and didn’t used them just to make life a little bit easier.

Lvl 7

Mono blue against 2 green bosses? Hell yeah, easiest lvl, great team - great board, love it.

Lvl 8

First time full 4* used, poppy is a killer and the def down from brienne c just crazy. But also the board was really nice a lot of yellow, so no problem, but if the board wouldn’t have been that favorable I think I wouldn’t have won that.

Lvl 9

Yellow team, wu kong active, board full of yellow - what could go wrong (maybe should have saved wu for the last team, that battle was a slog unlike this one which was really quick)

Lvl 10

The first two died relative fast, but the battle against Zimt was endless, I wasn’t dealing a lot of damage, she too, but she healed every round for over 200 hp and red stones were nowhere to find. Endless battle, killed her with thousand little hits.


Sounds like fun. I have plenty of 3* and 4*, with enough 4* highly emblembed to pull this of. So good I saw this thread before doing the first stages with my 1/1 5* as I usually do.

So far: stages 1 and 2 with my unleveled 3* and 4*:



Congrats @ferg .

I have started just now, because last days left me with no WE - so many important quests one after another.

Only first 5 stages are completed and shot on a video so far. I expect to finish the remaining 5 within the next 24 hours. Will probably break them into two separate videos though for convenience and also because I don’t think I can waste that many WE at one time.

I will upload all three (or more?) videos when they are ready.

So far only 12 3* and several unleveled 4* used.


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