A New ToL Challenge

A bit late to the party (haven’t found this challenge until I was 8 fights in), but I always try to use the least possible power to do ToL.

Here’s the final two stages:

Stage 9

Stage 10 team

Seconds before disaster


Here are my results:

NOTE: I forgot that 5* weren’t allowed in this challenge and I used 3 (Marjana, Zeline and Mitsuko). However, they aren’t completely maxed so they could be considered as full-emblemed 3* or 4* heroes. :pray:t4:

I usually don’t take a look to the guide as I want that the final stage to be a surprise. The hardest level for me was the next to last. In fact, I had to use three titan shields to protect the left side of my team.


Final lot…


Finished now. Used all same teams from my initial post with exception that I got a littlejohn so him unlevelled went into team 2 in place of Frosty. Also realised I had another unlevelled rigard from somewhere so could have used him instead of candy in first one. Biggest tp diff was stage 4 where my team was 800 points less so had to do some carpet bombing.

Made a mistake in last stage and fired proteus at wrong target so was a bit trickier than should have been.

Vid messed up for first 3 hits but can see used heroes in vid I do have of 4 to 10, plus bonus 2 pulls at end. Waiting for it to upload and then I will add the link (be warned it’s long as i am quite slow playing at times)


well, planned out my teams. Got about 24 leveled 4* heroes left (not much blues or yellows used, given there are more yellow and green bosses)

– did the first 5 levels. Of course, when actually filling the teams, I deviated slightly from the plan, but all were easily won. Did the first 2 earlier today, so no screenshot from them.



linking from 1-5, please follow the trail for em.

Here’s 6 to 10!

I have to say, I benefited from a fairly deep roster of 3s and 4s. It was deep enough that I did not need to plan ahead at all.





And finally, 10:

Hah, Zim thought her element link would help… Valeria stole her healing, bleah

Very happy with this challenge, kudos @Muchacho , I got to use most of my fave 3* and 4* and played around with synergies. Thanks for adding some fun back to my gaming experience


This was fun

Mono worked well, but tricky with first waves waiting for tiles :grimacing:, threw a few axes along the way at Khiona to counter the attack.

Had to revive on this one, also need to grow some balls and not do Mono :rofl::rofl:


OK, it works,… with everything like in the plan.

Stage 1-5

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6-10

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10

Only use 2x minor mana and 1 mana for stage 9, it should not need btw, but for safety.

Available spare (unused) are 51x 4* heroes.

Unused 4* Heroes



Thanks @Muchacho for suggesting this. Last time was the first time I finished all ten levels of ToL, but this sounded like a fun challenge and i’ve had some time to level up a bunch of 3s and 4s since then. Here are the teams and results:

1 (spare 4s):

no items used

2 (mostly 2/1 4s):

just missed getting an end battle pic. no items used.

3 (yurple 3s + unleveled Candy):

couple minor mana to Candy for healing. she’s great! Gah Ju mana control and Kailani shared damage was key.

4 (yurple + Belith):

Belith dispel of attack boost was key, plus mostly fast mana, and cRemfeld is awesome. one super mana to Belith for heal/dispel and PoV.

5 (mono green 3s):

used a few items to make this easy because the board went bad at one point, mostly pretty easy.

6 (mono blue 3s):

definitely starting to get a little hard with 3s. they even took out my LB Nordri +19, but they really picked on him. had to use a couple each of antidotes, time stop, bombs to prevent real problems.

7 (mono red 3s):

i definitely did not need to use 3 time stops, but at one point i got a little worried and pulled the trigger on the third one because i thought cHawkmoon and the Wabbit might go down. otherwise this went rather well i thought, it leaves me with options for 8-10.

8 (purple/blue 4s):

any chance to give poor Agwe a chance to play is a good one. he did fine. better than Grimm anyway. :laughing:

9 (yurple 4s):

The A-team for stage 10:


just used one bomb and one regular mana pot.

total items used: 3 minor mana, 1 regular mana, 3 super mana, 4 super antidotes, 8 bombs, 8 time stops. could maybe have used less items, but i was concerned about losing some key heroes and not being able to finish.

complete! thanks again @Muchacho for suggesting this. it definitely put to good use some heroes that otherwise might have sat out, and they did well. plus it gave me a chance to see how far my 3s can really go.

great to see such good results. good luck everyone still at it and keep having fun out there!

edit: consolidated posts


Done! I used the teams in the previous post except I swapped in Wu for Colen on stage 10.
I used one revive scroll on an early level when I wasn’t paying attention and maybe 6 minor mana potions. I had time stops but never used one.

This was easier than I thought it was going to be. Good suggestion! I will not take part if we are only allowed to use 3 stars!
This is the first time I’ve been glad to have so many depth heroes. I have an additional 16 fully leveled four stars (some with emblems, most without) that did not get used.


Didn’t take pictures but no 5stars used here too! :upside_down_face:


I fat fingered a level up thus lost 32 WE (should’ve used 10 Loot tickets on 12-9 instead of 2), so my videos will be uploaded with some delay, moreover there is a Gems II quest right now which I am prioritizing.

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I’m neither brave nor skillful enough to take part in these challenges (plus too mean to use a lot of items), but it’s really interesting and encouraging to prove what can be done with rares and epics. Hopefully it will inspire newer players to have a go instead of looking at the recommended team power and assuming they can’t.


nice job, sleepy!! u have really deep rosters! gratz

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thank you @Ar.G so kind of you!!

I’m also impressed with others who did the challenge and had shallower rosters than I did! I was not even brave enough to do level 6 with only 3*s lol! (could probably have done it, but only with a lot of items!)

foi divertido, podia ter usado alguns 3* mas como tinha todos de 4* foi assim…

Google translation:

it was fun, I could have used some 3* but as I had all 4* it was like that…

esqueci algumas capturas de tela com o poder de equipa.

Google translation:

forgot some screenshots with team power.


@Muchacho I temporarily forgot I have too many 4* healers maxed. :sweat_smile:

I’ll still have a look at the bosses soon. :rofl:


Sorry I’m late. Enjoy.

Edit: Totally forgot that the Jack’o’Hare is not a classic S1, sorry about that everyone. Yet I could replace him easily with another hero, I had plenty.

I intend to make a whole playlist that sums it up that everything can be done with only S1 4* and easy enouh to get 3* s like Nordri (including solo wars, raids, or even mercing some more powerful titans) , so that newer and ever more seasoned players are convinced that there is absolutely no need to chase 5* heroes or 4* mats, and will just level up those at their leisure. Following that train of thought, here are two raids from this morning that got me into Diamond once again without that much of an effort:


@Muchacho I’ve completed stages 1-6 so far. I didn’t use any battle items on stages 1-5. I used items on stage 6, where my team was around 600 below the recommended TP.

Stage 1

  • Team: Layla!!, Muggy, Chochin, Mermaid guy, Tettukh 1.40

Stage 2

  • Team: Frosty, Gato, Chick Jr, Bjorn, Balthazar

Stage 3

  • Team: Frosty, Vlad, Gill-Ra, Guardian Bat, C-Ulmer
  • Had one layer of Frosty’s minions for some protection before bosses

Stage 4

  • Team: C-Hawkmoon, Chick Jr, Gato, Vodnik, C-Azar
  • I always try to set up the board, and have special skills ready to fire as much as possible before bosses

Stage 5

  • Team: Mermaid guy, Nama +18, Ei-Dunn +18, Nama +18, Grevle
  • I made sure to max Grevle’s overheal before bosses

Stage 6

  • Team: C-Renfeld, C-Oberon +18, Li Xiu with costume bonus, Tyrum with CB +18, Helo
  • Used all 20 small health pots
  • Noted @ferg wrote this stage was probably the most difficult. Thus I chose Li Xiu for her mana cut to all, instead of a 3* only team.
  • I let some heroes die instead of using bombs or mana pots. :rofl:


Nice work @SamMe !

I just beat stage 5 but will post all at once . Definitely won’t finish today, but likely tomorrow.

Using all 3’s so far. I have 0 3’s with emblems so stage 5 was tougher. The neglect I put on my 3’s is noticeable for this. I have enough 4’s to finish so I just need to decide if I mix 3’s and 4’s for 6 or commit to all 4’s :man_shrugging:

I also used battle items. Nothing excessive, but definitely used. I don’t play a lot of events so I have stock piles of everything so I don’t mind.

Good luck the rest of the way!



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