A New ToL Challenge

So I’d totally forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder @SamMe .

I think I will attempt to do this no dupes and only items I would be allowed to use if it was an epic event.

For troops it will be more difficult as I don’t keep any lower and just feed them to my mains. And unlike in the events it won’t automatically give me a unlevelled 1star version to use. So I will just have to use the troops I have.

I’ll look at my heroplan later to set up teams. I may try and do 4star only roster not using any 3s at all but will see.

Edited to add prospective teams.

As I am a glutton for punishment I intend to try to do the first levels there with the unlevelled 4s and less than 5 heroes. If need be I will replay them using 3stars instead but I want to do it this way.


Kilted: Omg, you really “threw down the gauntlet” with suggesting no duplicates 4* (or below) only challenge. :rofl:

On also limiting battle items to those allowed for Epic challenge event: Wow. :rofl::rofl:

Sorry I’ll opt out of the challenge this time. I’ve been really lucky managing to get multiple shiny new heroes. :exploding_head: I’d like to take this upcoming ToL as an opportunity to use my new 5* for the first time in ToL.

If SG continue to keep up their slow pace on releasing LB, I will probably be around for the next ToL in October. And can participate again. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: @Tea :heart::heart:


Yeah, I’m sure now after the last one that I could manage with any troops/items, but no dupes and only epic event troops/items is definitely kicking the challenge up a considerable notch. if i can’t get my rares through stage six again i don’t know if i’ll keep trying as I’ll only have enough heroes for a couple mulligans if something goes wrong.

also i thought i’d have maxed out another set of rares by now but since the last one i’ve been spending all my time/resources maxing out a bunch of 5s, not much help here. :laughing: :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I think I may be going out on a limb on this one, but it’ll be fun trying. The big thing will be the first four stages where I am going in underpowered.

Edited to add.

First four stages done while on lunch break. Stage 3 & 4 needed some carpet bombing with axes and rocks but that is the ones I was most scared of out of the way.


ok, I’m going to try it. no dupes. only epic event troops/items allowed. but like i said, i’m going to bail the first time i fail because i won’t really have a do-over.

halfway there. 1-5 went easy enough:

1: spare unleveled 4s and Dawa(!)

2: yurple, unleveled candy as healer, not quite maxed li xiu for double mana control

this is the only one i forgot to fix troops in but there’s no way it could have mattered

3: mono 3* reds

4: mono 3* greens

mostly switched up the green and red because in the previous one figured i could take Frida out with specials and here I really needed the dispel. also, don’t know what happened to Berden. he must have gotten hit by Ranvir and then slashed by Margaret right before the last turn and i didn’t even notice until i just posted this picture. :laughing:

5: 4-1 yellow, Belith for heal

went in with a great board but it instantly dried up, and for a very very long time. some arrows so that Seshat mostly missed because she fired like 6 times before she went down. mana potions to Kailani to keep the defense up.

So, so far so good. I’ve got my mono blue 3*s for stage 6, not quite sure if I should take Gunnar in costume yet or not, but it will probably be cGunnar - Frosty - Nordri - cUlmer - Jarvur. fingers crossed it works!

edit: added team 2 screenshot


Cross posting:

Another 28 maxed (and 5 non maxed) heroes spare non duplicate available


Everything smooth, only use some of minor heal and minor mana in stage 4…
4* Heroes no duplicate,… done! :sparkles:
Goodluck everyone :muscle:


Finished the first 8 levels with 3*. Just missed finishing the 9th by less than 50 points. Switched to mono blue 4* for the 9th and mono red for the 10th. Really enjoy these type of challenges. Gets boring doing the samething over and over. Also got to look at some heroes I don’t use a lot. Was impressed with Grevle and used Rokka for the first time.


Shrikewood showed up so I decided to go ahead and finish once I had the WE, so, here’s 6-10:

6: mono blue 3s

wow, this team ROCKED! :star_struck: I actually didn’t get the board like I wanted to, because Frosty’s wall o’ minions took out the last monster before the bosses, but went in with everybody charged, and a couple blue matches on the board. quickest fight of the day. fire everyone, match match, more blue tiles, match match. didn’t even get to fire Jarvur a second time. boom! with all the defense down and attack up, all the minions did a stunning amount of damage btw. when i got through this, i was pretty confident i could get to the end.

7: mix and match buff/dispel 4*s with 3 reds

I debated with myself the most who to take in this team. but since the 3*s made it through six, I wasn’t going to use Kiril or any other blues elsewhere, I could use him here for the buffs and take Caedmon for the dispel, although he might have come in handy later. also, Sumle is always dying or close to dying on me! silly giant, can’t take him anywhere. :rofl:

8: mono yellow 4s

no problem here. I figured Kunchen was the major threat here, and up front, so I went all yellow. cHuTao for the healing debuff. In retrospect, I think I would have rather had Danzo than Wu. no, seriously. no misses, and two opportunities for mana gain/defense flip. him drawing swords after firing Mist would have just been extra bonus.

9: mono green 4s

omg, most annoying long drawn out fight of the day. I figured Frida was the major threat here so i stacked green and she was gone in four or five moves, but then i could never get ANY green tiles, for ages and ages. Kunchen and Ranvir fired like a zillion times. i’d get just enough tiles to charge everyone and flip/dispel and in my search for more green tiles, they would fire again. rinse and repeat for over 10 minutes. I finally got Kunchen down below 900 health and used three bombs to take him out because i was tired of his &%$!. mana potions all to cMel to keep him from dying, because they just loved to pick on him of course. still almost lost him and Almur. also, boss Kunchen didn’t resist Buddy’s defense down, is that a known bug?

10: the A-team

same as last time, saved this team for last:

great board this time. i didn’t have to use any items, but i did anyway to make it easier/quicker on myself. arrow to finish the last monster before the bosses and save my specials/board. mana potions to Proteus to keep the bosses frozen while BT, Gormek and Scarlett cut through them like butter. :muscle:

(extra) challenge complete! :partying_face: thanks @Kilted for ‘throwing down the gauntlet’ on the extended challenge.

i think anyone interested should still do the original challenge (no troop/item restrictions) if they are so inclined and post the results. :smiley:


Finished now. Gullipiggy for the last stage really was perfect. Going in with the full overheal was awesome :ok_hand::sunglasses:

Stage 9 was a bit hairy and for a while thought that was going to be me as trying that with 3stars would’ve been messy. Got through it though.

Summon results

Good luck everyone and well done @Sam-I-Am @Randy and @jinbatsu


nice one @Kilted! i admire your bravery in rounds 1-4, taking fewer than 5 heroes! i hadn’t even thought of that! :grin:


Thanks I always enjoy a new challenge, if anyone has any ideas for next time or in a different event let me know. I enjoy not having the safety belt of using my LotL as she does make PVE a bit easy so these types of thing are good.

My brain is already working on ways I can do it different next time for myself.


Kilted: If only I could do a half way ToL challenge. :rofl:

Maybe I’ll privately copy some of @Sam-I-Am’s team set-ups, plus use my latest 5* on the upper levels.

I’d like the best of both worlds this ToL. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder what the highest level that a pure 3* with no items can do.

By no items I mean no carpet bombing…I’d be happy to allow mana, health and antidotes


It sounds like a team with Grevle on it.

waits with interest for someone else to test :innocent:

Or maybe I should try to use my 3* as high as possible for this ToL, then switch over to whatever hero rarity that I prefer. :thinking:

If so:
Can I use duplicates?
Should I use 2* troops only for the stages with 3* only team?

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I’ve done 3* the last 3 times of ToL. 1st time level 7, 2nd time level 8 and this time level 8 and with a little luck at the end, it would have been 9. No restrictions on troops or items. Also I have been breaking my 3*.


I realized last time at the end I totaled up the items used and that can be useful information. For this time it was:

6 arrow attacks
1 axe attack
7 bomb attacks
15 small mana
7 regular mana

last time i used 27 items, this time 36. mostly an increase in the number of minor mana, but no time stops or super mana. so, in terms of ‘expense’ this time was ‘cheaper.’

as for the ‘all in with 3s’ thing, i think my blue 3s I used on round 6 could have probably managed stage 10 if the board was prepped right and with a little luck i suppose. might need a bunch of items, but i think they could do it. but, you would need 45 other usable 3s to get them there? stage 9 on this was definitely the hardest to me, but maybe the green 3 superstars could have won out there.

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Sounds interesting. I don’t have the depth at 3* to use them the full way through, but I could always attempt next time round to try 3star level 10.

I had in my head to try something like no healer or healing potions :thinking:


I applaud y’all for trying the challenges. I’m lazy and using normal teams


This is good to know Randy. :+1:

Joins @Ruskin505 in lazy ToL mode :rofl:

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Troops can be any level for this challenge if trying to get through 10 with 3*.

So there’s a challenge:

Get through level 10 with a 3* team

No damage items allowed, troop levels whatever you wish.

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