A new summoning idea

Add a new section to each unique summoning portal called collectors corner.

Here’s how it would work:

If you summon a hero it would show up in your collection for that summon gate. For example if you summon Sif she would now appear in your collection.

If a hero was in your collection you would not be able to get that hero again and their chance to be summoned would be evenly distributed amongst the rest of the 5* heroes in that portal.

This would also be true if you got a horghall from Valhalla he would go into your Valhalla collection and then his chance to be summoned would be evenly split between the rest of the heroes you were trying to collect.

If there’s a hero that you want multiple copies of, all you have to do is reset and everything goes back to square one.

Implementing this would allow SGG to keep summoning odds at 2.5% while appealing to the collector population of the game and also provide a unique way to let player go on the hunt for a particular hero with confidence that if they keep pulling they would eventually get them.

The same thing could be applied to 3/4* heroes as well.

If you ever collected all the heroes of a particular rarity the portal would reset and collectors corner would start over with the gates original summoning odds.

I feel like this is a pretty fair compromise between players and developers. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s better than what we have now.

Effectively what another game I know calls “no duplicate” rule to summons. Certainly not an unreasonable suggestion. I do suspect it won’t be considered as it is highly likely to affect income revenue…


I will say though, that for myself and others I know if we knew that eventually we could get the heroes we actually wanted we would spend more.

For example I have been saving up for months to try and get Thor…but because I already have others from Valhalla, namely the green rat that I absolutely DO NOT want duplicates of it would be incredible demoralizing to get another copy of that.

So I’m trying to decide if I’m going to spend another 100$+ on Valhalla or just skip it all together lol.

If I knew I could keep summoning in Valhalla and eventually get all the heroes I wanted I would be much more open to spending.

I think the fundamental problem with the current state of e&p is that it treats us like gamblers and not customers. there is no reasonable sum of $ that customers can spend that will ensure getting any of the more special heroes.

im not sure if the no duplicate rule fixes this problem or simply results in a different problem (such as the people who want dupes not being able to get them), but i would very much like to be treated as a customer and have reasonable access to season 3 5* heroes, not to mention challenge event 5* heroes.

if i wanted to go and be treated like a gambler, there are lottery tickets for that, which are both cheaper and more financially rewarding.

It gives the ability to hunt down the hero of your choosing, if you did enough summons you would reasonably Get the desired hero.

Additionally if you wanted dupes you would just hit the reset button on the collection and the portal would reset back to the starting point.

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