A new summon gate idea

Instead of the current elemental summons which rotates the colors each week between summon portals.

I had a thought on how
To Improve summon odds and encourage more focused spending while also increasing players positive experience.

One week of The rotating elemental summons is for 1 color of season 2 heroes each day

1 week is of rotating single color Valhalla.

1 week is for single color rotations of costumes

The last week is for rotating colors of heroes from all the combined challenge events.

This removes the feeling of “nothing to summon for”
While also maintaining interest going forward for players like me who have pulled 6 mist but no sumle.


It’s a great idea but as per usual I don’t think they will listen.

I find that they like introducing “waste of money” or n00b mistake options. Things that you wouldn’t use if you played long enough. Elemental summon portal is a good example. The Hunter’s Special (I think it’s called) is also another good example.

In fact lots of things in the shop fall in this category.

I suspect it has stayed this way because they make a killing from n00b mistakes

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agreed, but since in just 2 weeks we’ve had 3 massive posts all saying how much the game sucks and players want to quit. I will continue trying to offer better solution to @Petri and his team.

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So last week there were around 1.5m users playing the tournament. That is a lot. With that many active users, they are selling stuff, and while there is a vocal minority that complains vehemently about the odds and the like here on the forum, and a lot of people who may cut back their spending (or say they are), the reality is that their business model works

They are not motivated to change things. As I said in another post:

Be aware that generating a base level of frustration, as odd as it sounds, is central to the business model. Frustrated people make poorer choices in terms of impulse control which is precisely what they want

They operate on a level of tension that hovers you somewhere between frustration and satisfaction with a small sprinkling of hope to keep you going.


I’m completely aware of that. But you’re describing walking a knifes edge, here’s the issue with that business model. Time and time again it’s proven to lose customers in large fractions over the course of a single month.

Games with thE current Model do well until they completely fall apart at the edges all at once. There is an unhealthy amount of tension building in the community and the tavern of legends followed up by the hero academy issues are only making it worse.

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