A new idea for summon gates

There are certain HOtM that are more desired than others, but the ability to obtain them after the month is over is extremely limited and the odds even worse.

I did over 120 summons last month, no Clarissa.

Many people have requested pity counters and SGG still hasn’t implemented them so here’s a new suggestion that I think even more players would get on board with.

Add in an additional bonus summon at .5% chance where you get to choose the hotm you are summoning for.

If you want Seshat for example you select seshat and then every time you summon you get the normal summon odds currently in place plus an additional .5% summon chance.

This enables new players to have better access to previous hotm or players who spent like crazy to get a particular hotm but it evaded then they now can continue to try their luck.

If you obtain that hero you can reselect another one and continue.

This both increases odds of a 5* by .5% at every gate and provides more team flexibility while simultaneously encouraging spending since you can always choose what you want to summon for from past HOTM.

I feel like this addresses multiple requests from other threads while also increasing the user experience. It will also increase spending since players can always have something at the gate to summon for they actually want at a .5% chance.

Because if we’re being honest some of the veteran players have the majority of heroes, being able to choose something they actually want to summon for at odds higher than Atlantis featured would be a really nice added bonus.

It would also increase the relevance of Atlantis summons because the months that the hero you’re trying to summon for was in Atlantis your odds go from .325 up to .825% it’s still low, but better.

There is another game that does this actually

You make a “wish list”

Those heroes have the odds of an EnP “featured hero”

And they actually let you select x amount from each rarity

Btw if you’re wanting people to vote on this, i would move it to the ideas section

And just to be clear, that feature doesnt increase the odds of any rarity in the summons

They just increase the odds of that hero within the rarity

So basically

You wouldn’t have a higher chance of a 5*
But if you snag a 5*, it would have higher chance of being the one you want(in case anyone doesnt know how featured hero odds work)

I haven’t done any summons in that game…been playin bout a week and almost have enough for a free 10x pull…but i doubt that’s enough to confirm if the system works or doesnt. Would have to guage fellow players and see what they say


Theres a card game where you collect pieces towards a particular card when your opening card packs. Theres also gems that can be collected to break down into any card fragment.

I’ve seen somethin like that too in another match 3 rpg

You can collect “puzzle pieces” for each element in 4* and 5* rarities(the rarity and element are guaranteed but the specific hero is still random)

Also collect pieces for a random hero in any element(believe this one only applies to 5s tho)

Also has a store where you earn a certain currency(think tavern of legends or some other feature token/coin, u cant outright buy the currency though and 5* do require substantial amounts to purchase) and can actually buy heroes directly. Also allows u to earn the coins through gameplay or by retiring old heroes you dont use any more. Higher the rarity higher the value and bonus if the hero is maxed when you retire it

Anyways I’m probly off topic. Just random thoughts and in a rush cause well I’m supposed to be working :rofl::rofl:


Thoughts are appreciated! It would be cool to have a currency that you earn mostly through playing the game as an additional option maybe for 5* 3 years old or older. Although I know were just barely past that point, it would be a good thing to have in place going into the future.

The collecting pieces idea I like too.

Just having a consistent choice method to summon for the hotm you want seems like it’s definitely needed now more than ever in the game.

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