A new "fabian" strategy?

I was curious to see with the new rules what all those who to try to take away the normal rules of the game will think of next.
Here is what we are facing.

As they have 4000 teams which will be difficult for us to clear, I can understand that they try to give them more points, hoping we will not attack them. But why are they lowering 6 of their middle range teams ? (the war defense teams of these ones are 3* not trained)
Does anyone have the same case or is this a special gift for us ? :slight_smile:

Who cares? They’re easy points for you and you don’t have to waste good heros to do it. This is not a big deal, you should be happy they did this. The Fabian strategy or whoever decided to take credit for this lame strategy doesn’t work now, nor has it ever worked. Unless you have dumb people in your alliance who use good teams to kill them.

So GrandG, what is the score after the first battles have been fought?

If there is a coherent strategy, you should see it by now. Or previous poster may be right and there is none.