A New Dimension to E&P

Across the Multi-verse other versions of E&P are being played…here are some of the most popular with your alternative reality self…

Empires and Puddles - in this universe, the game is inundated with rain. Most of the monsters refuse to come out to play and Graymane smells like a wet dog

Umpires and Puzzles - a universe where the game is much more cricket-themed. Each board lasts five days and the tank is now known as ‘silly mid-off’.

Empires and Tunnels - in this subterranean game the board is only one tile wide due to being played in a narrow hole. Don’t worry, people still complain bitterly about the board being rigged.

Empires and Muzzles - in this version of the game Graymane can’t bite anyone. His popularity remains undiminished.

Umpires and Puddles - a perculiar universe in which the cricket themed heroes sulk in the pavilion due to rain on the board. Unaccountably, it is downloaded more than 3 billion times from Play store.

Empires and Poodles - a dimension in which Graymane appears as a small white lapdog. Scientists are still exploring why Graymane features so heavily in E&P across the dimensional horizon…

Empires and Puzzles - an entirely identical version of the game, except that the developer is Giant Smalls Games. Their logo is a hilarious big pair of underpants.


Thank you for the much needed laugh!

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There is no off switches for your creativity and genuinity, @JonahTheBard .


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I’m already looking forward to downloading all but the underpants


Thank you for keeping my brain alive!

Super creative and clever! I love this!

Thanks Suzanne.

If you look through my topic list at the Community Content topics, you will find many more attempts at creativity :blush:

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JB, May I share this on Discord, with my Alliance mates? I will of course give credit to you as its author!

Absolutely, it’s there to entertain :wink:

Thank you! They will love it!

Well observed with the ‘JB’ too!



He’s Greymane S. Pumpkins! And he’s gonna scare…the hell…outta you!

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