A new beginning! The Elk

So hi All,

I’m Elivy, and I’m the leader of The Elk, the alliance I started just this week.
I hear you all thinking, sure, another one, as there aren’t so many already.
Which is true. But, I’d like to think I’m a little different.
That’s why I try this approach, the personal one, to recruit my new members. The core of the alliance, my home base.

So a little about me.
I’m a 30 year old dad of almost 3 kiddo’s and I live in Belgium. I also have 2 naked cats and a wife of 7 years.
Except for gaming, I don’t have a lot of hobby’s, but E&P really is my passion.
I’ve started playing roughly 3 years ago and I dedicate a lot of hours and money into the game. And if I’m not playing it, I’m discussing it with others or researching heroes, strategy’s and so on. I really really love it.
For the past three years I’ve been in 3 alliances, where the first one (where I stayed 1,5years) was just that. An alliance, but they had no clue what they where doing. In the second one I learned so much and grew even more, I even became their recruiter, but where I wanted to keep growing they kinda stagnated. The last alliance I was in was a sister alliance of the second one, a training alliance, where I was co-lead until I decided I wanted to go further. Reach higher goals. Become a top 500 alliance.

So, I realize that being a new alliance and all I can’t be too picky about my members, but I also want good ones. Which is kinda hard to find.
I’m hoping for players who share the same love and passion for the game as me, cuz that would bring us sky high!
For starters, I don’t expect you to have a certain amount of heroes, or cups.
I just want you to hit the titan daily 3 times and if you opt in for war, I want you to use all flags.
And, I’d like you to use line, purely game related.
For now, it is that simple.
As a dad an all I do understand that life gets in the way sometime, which I understand, but if you’re not dedicated to the game, we might not be the greatest match.

If you still need to grow a bit, I am here for you.
I’ll help you decide which heroes to level, which teams to select, which targets to take, and I’ll tell you why. So you learn to make these decisions yourself in time.
If you are a more experienced player looking to educate newer ones, even better.
If you’ve already taken a look at my alliance you’ll see I’m not totally alone.
My wife’s there too. Keeping up with titan logs, war logs, keeping track of things in general, that’s your girl right there.

Well, this was a lot. So if you made it this far, thank you for reading! And join me! Become a coremember of the newest top 500 alliance.
Become a member of The Elk.


One recruitment thread per alliance, please.

You can continue to bump your previous thread (within reason).

Good luck with recruiting.


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