A new beginning! The Elk

Hi, let me introduce myself!
I am Ellvy, leader of The Elk.
We have 8 members and hit 6/7* titans.
In war we use all flags and we have very good communication with each other.
Teamwork is important and this makes us win war frequently.
We help each other when someone has questions.
I also provide you with the latest news of changes in the game and heroes.
We also keep war logs and titan logs. This means that we can roughly predict when a rare titan will arrive and what color it will be. And that’s how we keep track of the alliance’s progress.
We are not looking for a merger.
What are we looking for ?

  • Active members who are 18+.
  • Hit the Titan daily.
  • Line is a must!
    If you are interested, come and visit us!
    We speak English and Dutch.
    Greetings from The Elk

One recruitment thread per alliance, please.

You can continue to bump your previous thread (within reason).

Good luck with recruiting.


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