A new amazing Stronghold token

A stronghold token that guarantees a 5* A NON S1 5* that you can use it anywhere you want. How? Well its simple… by gathering points. How? From hero academy training…, from hunder lodge training… from raids victories…, from quests…, from seasonal events…, from wars…, from titans… And after you rich a limit you rewarded with this token… until the next time. Similar to pog or pov but more universal. Best idea.

This is kind of the point of the Fated Summon — if you’ve done 100 summons, you are guaranteed a (possibly slightly outdated) 5* hero, who is only S1 if you really want him to be S1.

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Fated summon has nothing to do with what Im saying. Have you read what I wrote?

It is separate but similar to fated summon. SG would likely set a point total that would require playing for five years to achieve. Or accelerate by buying points … and back to square one :rofl:


Fated was Anchors idea. Legendary tokens was my idea but they didn’t release it for free. This is my next big idea. I’m a legendary player. Company should release this free token every two or three months. I’m an 85 year old lady being attacked in this forum because of jealousy. I should have been working for this company but I can’t cause I’m retired and leaving in an old house with old men and women. Nurses are amazing.

I dont see any attack in this thread against you.
Do you speak about another thread?
I like your idea but such a token every 2-3 month would be astonishingly generous from Tsynga!



What exactly is there to be jealous of?


It’s true that SG doesn’t typically give things away for free. What you’re describing sounds similar to what happens during Soul Exchange when they offer Legendary classic tokens that automatically reward the player with a legendary hero.

Regarding the stronghold, rather than tokens, it could offer bonuses. For example, similar to the Alchemy Lab, after a certain amount of research, players could have a chance at receiving a set of random items. Each shop could have its own unique bonus, which would make more sense than your current token idea.

The stronghold is the main base of operations for every player, and if it’s upgraded to the highest level, it should be utilized more effectively. There are buildings that no longer serve a purpose because they’ve been surpassed in capability. A training center or something similar could work for the player and SG, as I’m sure they can find a way to monetize it. It’s important to remember that anything SG does typically involves money. There’s always a catch, even if they offer something for free. The current offer requires payment first before the “free” item is given.

Still waiting the token.