A new alliance feature to improve the game by a great deal – Alliance Fortress/Stronghold and New Alliance Buildings

In order for this new feature to take place 3 things are to consider.

First - players should be able to choose between 3 status when logged on : online, offline, busy.

Second - At least member of an alliance should be aware of their members online status for wars and titans

Third - If people wish to communicate and establish any kind of strategic plan, they must know if someone is online at least not to waste time talking to nobody in alliance until 24h later nobody see a message long gone because of usual : A new titan as appear, war starts and member level up.

Now… From what I have seen in many multiplayer game, it is imperative for the player to come back to have many goal to share in competition with others as much as cooperation against others.

Something that can make them bond together and come back to the game even if they are tired of it, that will give them the patience to wait and come back playing. …

Exemple number one - An alliance fortress.

In it , many building.

1- Castle . To level it up alliances would need to win wars and kill titans. It could grant bonuses chose by leaders of the alliance for each of thoses level and some could be unlocked only according to alliance leaderboard. So even if it is maxed level, there is still room for improvement by getting stronger making our way up in score.

(All the other building would need members to give personal ressources,food , metal, recruit, to which they chose to contribute towards leveling it)
Bonuses for those building would benefit by a % every member by a small number but significant in the long-run to compensate the donation without giving everyone in the game anything overpowered.

2- Tower . Sole purpuse of choosing which of the multiple actual skill would be used when defending when at war. Higher level of thoses same skills available at higher leaderboard score.

3- Farm. Increase the productivity of food for all member by decreasing %
Level 1:1.5 %
Level 2: 2.5%
Level 3: 3%
Level 4:3.5%
Level 5:4%

Level 10: 6%
Level 15: 7%
Level 20: 7.5%

Extracting Field: Increase the productivity of metal for all member by decreasing %
Level 1:1.5 %
Level 2: 2.5%
Level 3: 3%
Level 4:3.5%
Level 5:4%

Level 10: 6%
Level 15: 7%
Level 20: 7.5%

Camp: allow more recruit per level

Training dummy: Reduces training time for new heroes.

Crystal: Reduces timer to replenish world energy.

Titans den: reduces timer to replenish titan energy.

Arena: reduces timer to replenish raid energy.

Alchemy station: Slightly reduces cost of food/metal to craft items.

Market: player could give each other resources at certain taxes fee (35% cost for start exemple player 1 give 100 000 Food, player 2 receive 65 000 Food only and the rest is gone)

Leveling the building would reduce taxes fee.

Etc .

I believe it wouldn’t be a game breaker, give players a goal and purpose and keep them playing wile making it more enjoyable tryng to reach higher rank in the leaderboards and among their alliance instead of just waiting for it to happen.

I’ll be waiting for feedback thank you all for reading.

Enjoy this awesome game :slight_smile:

Marketing will never be add to the game.
Been talked about that since for ever.

Dev will add only what they see fit for their game and I would do the same for mine.

What you quoted is just an exemple of a building I actually have seen in other game to help low level player to grow stronger but at the expense of much ressources going to trash.

If they don’t want anything to go from one player to another in means of ressources / heroes/recruits/ anything, it is at anyone’s discretion to find other building that goes with the actual concept of the game in a way that it is more appealing as an asset without giving too much of an advantage over other players and in the meanwhile still make them feel like buying gems from the store is a good option so the game still get fund to grow bigger and better.

Feel free to add any comments/idea and thanks for the information.

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You can have a look in this threads and you may have a better point if view.

Well thought out idea. I used to play a mobile game with a “fleet starbase” that functioned very similar to a lot of what you suggested. It was a point of pride for many fleets and bonuses were a great advertising point when recruiting.

The one point that i would find concerning was your resource sharing concept. I’m afraid that even with your concept of taxation it would be a bit too easy for people to abuse such a situation.

At least it would give maxed out players more things to expend iron on.

Like you two said it might come to an abuse which is why every building % / amount must be regulated with precision and consideration because all I stated were merely exemple of diversity regarding things which are already part of the game (conceptually speaking). I just gave many (different and recurring) ideas which if interesting or not could be ideas to think about more carefully. I seek only to find an alliance activity which benefit every alliance themselves wile giving more fun and interesting activity for players individualy at the same time without breaking the game economic nor give too big an advantage to players

Noted. Aside from that one minor concern I feel you’ve made a reasoned and well thought out suggestion that could add an enjoyable dimension of play to alliances.

I understand the position of the developers on the issue of trade between the players. But I would like to see in the game the opportunity to stimulate a more active game within the Alliance by awarding distinguished and punishing guilty players. You can, for example, create a common warehouse of the Alliance, in which players can make voluntary donations of resources, and the leaders of the Alliance could allow the use of these resources to an individual player in a certain amount.

I my self already requested some system like this but even more to allow leaders to make an alliances events … to reward the active members of resources or even gems packages.
Devs refused.

Following on from the recent addition to the Stronghold and advanced buildings, would it be possible to have an Alliance Stronghold where surplus resources could be stored and distributed to members by senior members. Many lower level players struggle to get resources whilst others always have surpluses that go to waste after raids and competition completions. Also winners of wars could receive a percentage of the storage as victors plunder.

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