A more accurate stats to show Player's skill level

Agree we can always let that player go if it’s not a fit but it’s more about the time and effort put in to recruiting. Recruting gets tiring when you keep getting players with weak Titan and War hits although their defense is setup nicely and their level is high. Then you have to remove them and the cycle repeats.

If only there is some info regarding their offense performance as well, a lot of time could be saved.

That’s a good point. Seems like there’s no way around this other than monitoring the player’s performance in War after they are in.

I wouldn’t mind Titan averages and war flags missed. At least some info to tell us if that player is good with Titans and won’t miss War flags.

These are really great in-depth details to look at. However it might not be something they came up with themselves.

  1. Could be advise from previous alliance member

  2. Usually we recruit players who have proper defense but still we don’t know how well are they doing in offense.

  3. I’m not sure how this point can reflect their performance in Titan/War.

  4. Could be advise from previous alliance member or simply check the leaderboard (it’s 99% mana troop)

5, 6. I’m not sure how this point can reflect their performance in Titan/War.

I have had players playing for 3 years, Lvl 80+, Lvl 30 mana troops on defense, proper setup at defense, great event heroes BUT 90% of the time at the bottom 5 of Titan and War score.

Players can easily get advise on how to setup a defense team. Ask around, youtube, or simply check out the top leaderboard and copy paste. But when it comes to offense, it’s all about your understanding of the game mechanics and board manipulation.

You sir understood where I’m coming from. There has to be some public information about player’s recent performance on Titans & War because these 2 are what matters the most to an Alliance.

We don’t really care about trophy score. It goes down as fast as it goes up once you logged off. As long as you can consistently smack that Titan good and hit players of your size in War with decent score, you’re it.

lol it seems like a job interview. you perform or you are fired! lol

But seriously, it seems tricky to measure. I like to have fun and I am very serious with war and titans, I see many player in my alliance that are not that worry about titans (not using items to get huge scores) but performing well in wars. I also see alliance members that miss-use flags in wars which annoys me a lot but the leaders are ok as long the alliance overall performs well, so each alliance is different

I remember that when I was switching alliances the leader ask to see my roaster and suggested strategies. I also asked how serious are they with titans and wars. I have seen many member kicked out for not using all flags on wars and missing to many titans. We understand that life happen but also you can communicate and opt out.

If it wants to be taken as a job not a game where to have fun some of the questions and statements during the interview should be:

  • This is a very competitive alliance and we do not have time for training.
  • All flags need to be used for wars and no a score of less than # for war and # for titans
  • Show me your roaster
  • Show me your troops
  • Which team will you use for x y and z situations
  • We have setup several defense teams within the alliance please do the 5 alliance raid’s flags and send us the video, we will like to see the team that you use and how do you move the board, also explain your choices

If you a really serious in the game and very competitive you would not mind this type of interview but be ready also to have empty spots unless you are a very pursuit alliance. I am sure that those big alliances had to go to a process of trial and error until they find the right people and become strong as they are

Remember that metrics can be deceiving, there will be people that always find the way to manipulating them. I have team members with 4800 tp that play mono and sometimes they do not get the right boards and score very low in wars (bottom 5). I see cleaners that the only thing that they do is clean because of their roaster is not that strong for the teams that the alliance is playing against, that they always score between 40 to 50 ppf ending in the top 10.

The process of recruitment is a long a painful path that is worth it when you find the right people. Metrics are deceiving and can always be manipulated or not reflect the true potential of a player

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Is the minimum war score even a common thing? I have been in a few top 100 alliances, none of them had any war average/minimum.

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At a top company, yes that’s how it is. Same thing applies to the top alliance in any games/sports. If you don’t perform, you are fired yes.

Alright i agree that the minimum war score might not be a good metric and could discourage cleanups. I have removed it from the main post. How about now? Average Titan score per flag to indicate how good is the player with Titans and what Titan rarity they were hitting. War participated and War flags unused out of how many wars to indicate if the player could be a potential warjumper. If the player couldn’t use the flags because life happens, I’m sure they won’t get kicked out from the alliance if they communicated. So those with profile showing unused flags in their past 3 months looking for a new alliance could potentially be a warjumper.


  1. Average Titan score per flag (killed with full loot): 25,000 (13*)
  2. War participated: 8 wars
  3. War flags unused: 6 flags out of 1 war

We all have to go through that process of trial and error because these stats that i’m proposing are not readily available.

It is not a common thing but i figured if you see a player with average of 20 pts/ flag, that is a sign of someone who performs poorly in War. These are all just indicators of the player’s past performance. They might not accurately reflect the player’s potential but hey, it’s better than nothing.

  1. Only to a very limited extent. There may be limited options available in their roster to put a defense together, and as others have said they may be experimenting or just want to hold diamond

  2. Yes, that you can tell. That isn’t really an indicator of their performance in an alliance however, it just means that they want to maximise their raid chest rewards

  3. Not really. I don’t put any healers in my raid defense but I raid with at least 2 healers in most of my teams, sometimes 3.

  4. How will the level of troops or troop type indicate that?

  5. Yes, to some extent. But this should never be a criteria for selection

  6. The level, yes. The TP not necessarily

I still think speaking with/“vetting” potential recruits on an outside app such as Line/Discord is best.

It’s much easier to ask for a Line ID, or even chat in alliance chat, than trying to chat in Global chat. Do you ask to see a new recruit’s roster?

This is based on my past experience as a recruiter for my previous alliances, including a few top 100 alliances.

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When my alliance was full or nearly full (28-30) I had a war score with six wins arround 350-420 Points. After a split we are only 20 players and you can get 450-500 Points in a war. If you are a strong player and try to get based on this metric into a top alliance you could enter a small training alliance. You can beat the best enemy players six times and could have war scores in the thousands. Even normalized to the number of members in an alliance this Score is very misleading without knowing the strength of his and the enemies alliances. To much hassle for too little gain…
But there is a better way: If you are so picky about new members, chat with them on line, ask them to record their next six to ten war attacks and let them send them to you. So you can look at their offensive performance first hand…

Happy recruiting…

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I am a former recruiter. :wink:

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The level of the player and the troops indicate almost he/she is a player who disapoint or not.
if a player is jumping allys or not, they should say and be honest right on front.
The rest is to enjoy the game, play apart as a whole. conversating to other regularly to everyone.
If not, its a no no.

Please explain how…

Hi. Good opportunity to explain. we received a new element on my ally. I’ll try to explain. There are 3 or 4 marks that make a good acquisition, but only time will tell.
The most important thing to retain is conversation with that new element, feedback from them.
But let’s see this example first

First: Level of play(comitment to the game.) ok
Second: troops. +26/28 all colors. OK.

Third: good acknowledge of team formations and his/her heroes. Ok

Forth: mostly non vanilla heroes on defense. (shows luck/spend, = comitment) Ok

And the last one and more important, chat, chat chat with others, as soon as arrived.

Hope to help. Notice that even with all these it needs a good vibe on both parts. New player - Ally.

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It’s definitely the best option now without the Titan & War stats displayer in player’s info. Well we’re going to start doing that.

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Convert the score to based on 30 players. The total score for entire team is 1500 pts. Assuming you’re a 1 player alliance, when you one shot kill your opponent, you get 1500 pts / flag

(Number of player / 30) * Score
(1 / 30) * 1500 = 50 pts / flag.

Thanks for the suggestion. Seems like the best option available is to get that player’s LineID and check on them over there

ເມື່ອ ຈັນ, 9 ສ.ຫ. 2021, 21:48 J_3ezy via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com> ຂຽນວ່າ:

I don’t see what the first 2 have to do with anything to be honest. As long as you have the heroes and the ability the player level won’t impact anything. Also as long as your primary troops are at level 17 any levels above that return a minimal benefit as compared to emblems, limit breaking, and obtaining better heroes. I know most top level alliances have troop requirements but I personally wouldn’t use that as a criteria for determining if someone is a good fit or not.

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