A more accurate stats to show Player's skill level

Currently there is no way for us to know whether that new player that just joined us is going to fit well with our Alliance requirements and level of play or if that new player is a warjumper. All we get to see is the player’s level and defense team which does not reflect the player’s skill level at all. Or if that player is a good teamplayer. What a competitive alliance looks for is usually a good teamplayer which is reflected in their performance at War & Titan. These are the only 2 things that if a player perform badly, it will affect the entire alliance. Hence it should be a player info that can be accessible to all.

Here’s my suggestion which i believe only competitive & great players will vote for it. Add a :grey_question: button when we click on the player to see the “player info”. This :grey_question: should display these stats of the player.


  1. Average Titan score per flag (killed with full loot): 25,000 (13*)
  2. War participated: 8 wars
  3. War flags unused: 6 flags out of 1 war

Average Titan score per flag (killed with full loot): 25,000 (13* Titans)
~Only consider killed Titan with full loot to disregard stats when merc-ing.
~(13* Titans) is decided based on which Titan the player killed the most in the past 3 months.

War participated: 8 wars
~The number of wars participated

War flags unused: 6 flags out of 1 war
~The most needed info to end the career of warjumpers or people who missed flags!
~ The number of war is included because some players might have missed all 6 flags or 3 flags in that 1 war due to some unforeseen real life circumstances.

I would love a skill based measure. It would be useful for alliance recruitment but I’d be interested in how I personally rank.

War flags used: as much as I love the idea, it will create a hurdle for anyone who missed one war to be recruited. Maybe it only shows of it happened more than once.

Average war score: not translatable across alliances. I could do a one person alliance to get a war score in the thousands to make me look better for recruiting. Also al war hits aren’t worth the same. Sometimes someone has to clean up.

Raid win rate (including raid skips) would be helpful. Perhaps tournament win rate would be better as there is no skip there.


I don’t think this would be an accurate metric. I personally skip out of laziness (don’t want to configure teams) and to get to a team that is a good fit for s team I am testing out or am getting the most enjoyment out of playing. I could match up to anyone… but I really just don’t want to


Exactly. Skill base measure give players a sense to improve their performance and discipline. It will greatly reduce warjumpers and close the gap between players in an alliance. Raid Cups does not represent anything other than the strength of your Defense Team which can be easily bought with $$.

War flags unused: That is the point of it. To let the alliance know there is a risk recruiting this player and keep him under monitoring. Plus it will only show the recent 3 months data so if the player has been using all the flags, it will eventually clear off the old data.

Average war score per flag: An algorithm to convert all the score to based on 30 players. If you are a one person alliance, your opponent will be worth 1500 pts. Assuming you 1 flag kill, 1500*(1 / 30) = 50 pts/flag

Raid winrate: It does include raid skips. Fleeing will be counted as a loss.

That’s a good point. Now that i think about it, the Raid Winrate should be a personal data. I’ll edit the original post and remove Raid Winrate.

What a competitive alliance looks for is usually a good teamplayer which is reflected in their performance at War & Titan. These are the only 2 things that if a player perform badly, it will affect the entire alliance. Hence it should be a player info that can be accessible to all.

Generally speaking its a good idea, but I think only top alliances with an occasional vacancy and a long wsiting list would benefit from this features. Most „normal“ alliances struggle to find 30 players. Keeping the limited ressources SG will allocate to QoL improvements in mind I think they should rather improve the usability for AL. Its no fun to fill a couldron with the same ingredients some 20 times selecting each ingredient individually, there a repeat last button would be very helpfull.

Happy gaming



I skip because the enemy team at times because some of it is not a good matchup to me. And I just want easy kills anyway, nothing wrong with that

It will benefit top alliances, growing alliances, and competitive players who want to see improvement in their performance. Without these stats, it’s hard for leaders to recruit the right players into the alliance. Sometimes recruiting the wrong players (toxic, warjumper, etc) into the alliance can spoil the morale of the entire team and cause a huge turnover.

On a side note, I had the exact same thought when i first had my Alchemy Lab. Either a “Repeat Last” button or allow players to input the quantity of the same ingredients combination we would like to transmute. This is a good suggestion that can be easily done.

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I think skip here meant fleeing the battle. Not re-roll.

Yes, these stats would be useful for recruiters. I have recruited for my alliance(s) in the past.

However, I don’t see them as a necessity for recruiting. While a new recruit could meet most/all of your requirements, there’s no guarantee whether someone will work out for your team.


No guarantee, but higher probability compare to blindly recruiting only based on the defense TP, troop level and player level which tells us nothing about the performance of the player during offense.

Do you not talk to potential recruits on Line/Discord first?

Hmmm, I am thinking of people in alliances that the only thing that they do is clean up and they get between 40 to 50 points per flag, is this red flag because they only clean up? if only full teams are counted, although meet your point criteria and is doing a important job for the alliance, this player will have 0 there

Big alliances usually have a long list of people waiting to get in. You can get a better knowledge of the type of player by chatting with them before recruiting and if does not fit after recruiting you can always let that player go. It is a interesting idea but we have to be really carful what to consider and how to calculate it to avoid false positive or misleading data


I am not in favor of the war tracking in terms of score, you can actually get away from a team aspect here… People will try to avoid harder targets (alfrike in rush) just to ramp up personal score and not try to take down targets the alliance needs to with some of their better teams.

Sure some sort of metric of % of war flags used for opted in wars and titan averages would be cool, maybe over last 10 wars as that is in the war score calc of a player and maybe make that visible… The war score takes into account heroes, troops, and win rate so just showing that alone can be helpful.

But agreed on previous post this should not be top of the QOL list.

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Have to disagree. The defense team tells you a lot about a player:

  1. You can see whether they understand synergies and know how to put a team together.

  2. You can tell whether they’re cup dropping and trying to game the game, by their player level vs the strength of the team.

  3. You can tell if they’re overly cautious or agressive in their play by the number of healer and passive heroes

  4. The level of the troops and the troops they’re using give insight into their understanding of the game.

  5. You can also get a feel for whether they’re F2P, C2P or P2P by the heroes in their team.

  6. Finally and most obviously the Level and TP give a hint about how long they have been playing and how seriously.

All of this gives you a sense of whether they will be a good fit. The rest you will figure out as you get to know them.


In reality it doesn’t tell you much, only if they are interested into raids or not which is pretty much useless for an alliance, were it only matters if they are good against the Titan and war and fit in with their behavior.

And in diamond you don’t even gain that information. I know a lot of players who just use some experiment defense, as long as it hold diamond it doesn’t matter for them …

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Actually trophy score represents a decent chunk of the alliance score, so if you’re aiming to build a competitive or further more, a top alliance you’ll be far better enlisting raid agressive players.

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Don’t get me wrong, but who cares?

Maybe top 100 alliance “needs” to boost their score. But I’m pretty sure those have different requirements for you to enter than show your defense team…
(x number of max 5* heroes, x sets of different far lvled troops, minimum Titan damage…, at least those I know have it to a degree like that)

And outside of top 100, alliance score is more worthless than TP.
Titan score and war score are independent, so it says nothing about your ability to chain 14* or get matched about the absolute best in wars.

And if you are 101th or 500th with your score isn’t even visible for someone outside the alliance.

So maybe I’m ignorant about that topic, but I can’t see any use in this :man_shrugging:


We’re recruiting at Global Chat so it’s a bit tricky to get their line ID there i guess…

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