A mini FAQ in-game

Seeing all the various topics pop up on these forums - which are more than likely a small % of people who actually have questions - I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a small FAQ to the game accessible for new players.

To make it easy to find I’d make it a button somewhere on the main screen and allow the player to simply click “hide FAQ” whenever they feel they don’t need it anymore. This way older players and players who make alt-accounts won’t be bothered by a needless clutter icon.

I propose this because I feel that many players will never come to the forums and might be unfamiliar with this type of game, especially as it gets more complex. And many people also don’t go around checking every nook and cranny (like finding the settings page and all) when they are confused about a new game.

The tutorial is already long as is (and hellishly unavoidable if you open it by accident as I did when trying to make Beta run on two devices :rofl: )

Things I’d put in the FAQ:

  1. Building your team
    Explain to the newbies the value of rainbow vs non-rainbow team, team slots, troops and their meaning.

  2. Raids
    Explain how raids work - NOT fighting vs an active player but only their team. Trophies & what they are.

  3. Alliances
    Explain what Alliances are, their score, their titan-fighting and community value.

  4. Quests
    Say they’re not mandatory, always the same for everyone, and rare quests being juicy.

  5. Wanted chests
    Say they have a chance to drop good stuff, and that elemental chests don’t need to be filled with raid heroes even if they appear in that slot lol.

  6. Titans
    What they are, what’s the icon, how many tiers, basic fighting tips.

  7. Summoning Portal
    Tell the poor people that it’s a way to acquire better heroes, and that it’s random rolls and they’re not guaranteed to get the hero they choose, need luck. The small print escapes so many :rofl:

  8. Challenge Events
    Say what they are, the difficulty rewards, and nice rewards/event heroes.

There’s probably a bunch more basic topics that could help the more curious newbies find their way around, but I think even such basics could be helpful.

I’d write these points out, but I don’t feel like doing it for no real reason this time haha. Sorry, if you SG guys would actually consider adding a small FAQ like this I can write it for you. Tiny team and all that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I couldnt agree more with your idea. It’s been so trial and error for me as I’ve never played a game like this before.

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