A member lost her account

What can she do to recover it

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I have contacted several times through the technical support page, but you ignore my requests. Close the treatment with the status decided. But my problem is not solved.
I contacted Google Play support. The Google Play staff told me that only technical support for the game would help me restore progress on my Android device. It is also reported that if you also ignore my problem, I can file a complaint with Google in the prescribed form.
I appeal to you on the forum, in the hope of your understanding and you will pay attention to my problem.
On April 27, the Android device failed to start the game, and my progress was reset.
I started playing on the androyd device in January 2019. The game from the first day of installation was associated with a Google Play account.
I did not change the device androyd. I have one registration in Google Play.
Later, before the download failed, I made a bundle with an iOS device. On the iOS device, progress is maintained, and I also continue to play on the iPad and have already reached level 27 of progress. I still keep shopping in the game. But on an Android device, the game starts from level one. I tried to delete the game. I cleaned the cache of the android device. Today I deleted the registration on Google Play and re-created it with the same name on Google Play. In the list of games, I also see empire and puzzles, but without the results achieved.
What data can I provide to help me restore game progress on my Android device?

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Hi @AndreyRnD, and welcome to the forum. The forum is mostly players (like you and me) talking to and helping other players. Small Giant staff do read the forum and occasionally comment, but the forum really isn’t set up to deal with individual account issues.

The article Small Giant has describing what you need to provide in order to get your account restored is here:


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