A meainingful global leaderboard


Olmor’s words are the reason I start this topic.
I couldn’t find any related thread by searching, however I believe the idea is probably not a new one and if there is an existing topic feel free to link it please and show me that I’m too dumb to use the search function (again).

Now, finally to the topic:

An longtime meaningful leaderboard would be simply great to give people a real goal. As we all know the top100 of the current global leaderboard changes rapidly. To aim for the top can be challenging and exciting for the first time(s), but I imagine for people which hit Number 1 more often, it’s not as thrilling anymore. I personally never hit number 1 before, but honestly I have no real motivation to do so because it would be more a personal achievement rather than anything significant in comparison to others.

How it could work:
Implementing another leaderboard next to the current which is based/tracked on individual amount of global top 100 placements.
Best rank in 24h would be counted once, so no abuse possible by going number 1 again and again. Rank 100 gives 1 point for the new board, rank 1 100 points.
It would give players more ambition and reason to get to the current top and it would determine a real and meaningful top 100 in the longterm, I think.

What do you think?

Cheers Tunix

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