A lot of questions "why?"

Recently, I begin to often ask questions “why?”, Which I do not understand, and I can not find a logical explanation for them:

  1. why does the opponent Azlar knock more than 500 points from each of my hero when applying skill, and my Azlar does not exceed 300 points? He is pumped to the full, his squad is with 4 stars and 20 levels.
    I have already somehow written that the heroes of the rivals have an advantage of 20%, but in fact 300 + 20% = 360, but not 500!
  2. why after using the skill of Azlar, my heroes lose 83 points per turn, and the opponent’s heroes only 60, if the description says that each hero must lose 360 ​​points in 6 moves? If you divide 360 ​​by 6, you get 60 points per turn, but not 83 !!!
  3. why does an opponent with slow mana heroes gain mana faster than my fast mana heroes?
  4. why at that moment, when my Magni protection of 63% is activated, does he take damage from Lianna, Juna or some other strong hero with 800 (!!!) points? I noticed that in a normal mode, a strong opponent can inflict damage of no more than 1100 points, but 1100 - 63% = 407, but not 800! I do not know how the developers, but my math has always been excellent!
  5. a question that I have already asked many times, but never received an answer:
    If the last hero of the opponent killed my last hero with an activated counterattack, but then he himself dies from a counterattack, why should I be defeated? This is at least a draw, and at a maximum is a victory, because the final goal has been achieved, the opposing team is dead, even if at the cost of my team’s life!
  6. if a revival talent is activated by a rival hero with a probability of 6%, then why is he being revived several times in a row (up to 5 times !!!), and still gaining mana?
  7. if my hero declined to strike an opponent, then why are he affected by ailments? Reasoning logically, if the hero dodged the blow, then there shouldn’t be a scratch on him, let alone ailments!
  8. if after updating the game I can not take revenge on opponents who have not yet updated the game, then why can they take part in the war and attack the opponent with a different version of the game?
  9. in raids or in war after all my heroes died, doctors from rivals can still apply treatment, why in the case of my victory my doctors can not treat the team, and the round immediately ends? Of course, there is absolutely no point in this, but if the opponent can, then why can’t I?

В последнее время я начинаю часто задавать вопросы “почему?”, которые мне не понятно и я не могу найти им логического объяснения:

  1. почему у соперника Азлар при применении навыка выбивает более 500 очков из каждого моего героя, а мой Азлар - не более 300? Он прокачан по полной, отряд у него стоит с 4 звёздами и 20 уровнем.
    Мне уже как-то писали, что герои соперников имеют преимущество в 20%, но ведь 300 + 20% = 360, но не 500!
  2. почему после применения навыка Азларом мои герои теряют 83 очка за ход, а герои соперника - всего 60, если в описании сказано, что каждый герой должен терять 360 очков за 6 ходов? Если разделить 360 на 6, то получается 60 очков за ход, но не 83!!!
  3. почему у соперника герои с медленной маной набирают ману быстрее, чем мои герои с быстрой маной?
  4. почему в тот момент, когда у моего Магни активирована защита 63%, он получает урон от Лианны, Джуна или какого-нибудь ещё сильного героя в 800 (!!!) очков? Я заметил, что в обычном режиме сильные гером соперника могут наносить урон не более 1100 очков, но ведь 1100 - 63%=407, но не 800! Я не знаю, как у разработчиков, но у меня по математике всегда было отлично!
  5. вопрос, который я задавал уже многократно, но так и не получил ответ:
    если последний герой соперника убил моего последнего героя с активированной контратакой, но затем сам погибает от контратаки, почему мне засчитывают поражение? Это как минимум - ничья, а как максимум - победа, потому что конечная цель достигнута, команда соперников мертва, хоть и ценой жизни моей команды!
  6. если у героя соперника активирован талант возрождения с вероятностью 6%, то почему он возрождается несколько раз подряд (до 5 раз!!!), да ещё при этом набирает ману?
  7. если мой герой уклонился удара соперника, то почему на него действуют недуги? Рассуждая логически, если герой уклонился от удара, значит на нём не должно быть и царапинки, не говоря уже о недугах!
  8. если после обновления игры я не могу отомстить соперникам, которые ещё не обновили игру, то почему они могут принять участие в войне и атаковать соперника с другой версией игры?
  9. в набегах или на войне после того, как все мои герои погибли, лекари у соперников ещё могут применить лечение, почему же в случае моей победы мои лекари не могут провести лечение команды, а раунд сразу заканчивается? В этом конечно же нет абсолютно никакого смысла, но если соперник может, то почему я не могу?

Another “why?” Question:
Why in the wars of alliances we are very often chosen by opponents who are much stronger than us? We do not participate in the World War Alliances Championships with the grand prize of a million dollars, but just want to make war, swap forces with EQUAL SELF !!! This is the main key word - EQUAL TO YOURSELF, because when a rival is weaker than you, it’s not interesting to fight with him, it’s like “beating up babies”, and when you are stronger than you, it’s also not interesting because you know in advance that the war is lost!

Ещё один вопрос “почему?”:
почему в войнах альянсов нам очень часто подбирают противников, которые гораздо сильнее нас? Мы же не участвуем в чемпионате мира по войнам альянсов с главным призом миллион долларов, а просто хотим повоевать, поменяться силами с РАВНЫМИ СЕБЕ!!! Это главное ключевое слово - С РАВНЫМИ СЕБЕ, потому что когда соперник слабее тебя, то с ним воевать неинтересно, это похоже на “избиение младенцев”, а когда сильнее тебя, то тоже неинтересно, потому что заранее понимаешь, что война проиграна!


Question 1: provide screenshots please. He probably will not do 500 damage unless some damage boost or reduced armor is in play…

2: you answered it yourself. 20% attack increase. Also troops increase the damage. If you use troops damage for your azlar is also a little bit higher than 60…

3: slow mana only fills when you send many tiles into it. Its simple. Also mana generation works differently for attack and defense…

4: you totally dont understand what +63% defense means… the armor of your hero gets boosted. That does NOT mean that damage of your enemy is reduced by 63% lol. Your math is way off here… Out of experience I‘d say if Lianna hits your Magni with 1100 damage normally, 800-700 is what she will hit when you have+63% armor.

5: everyone is dead. Both are defeated…

6: why not? It can ressurect even 100 times if he wants. Dont get the question…

7: it‘s not you who designs the game right. So why should it be the way you want it?

8: does this really matter…

9:you answered it yourself. There is no point in it for YOU but there is a point for the enemy…

10: sometimes you lose. Sometimes you win. War matchmaking is getting pretty accurate results…

One addition: This forum is exclusively ENGLISH unless you post in foreign languages sector. Please delete the russian part it will just encourage people to answer in russian.


Biggest answer I think is that on defense teams have their ATT and DEF boosted by 20%. On offence your characters do not have their ATT and DEF boosted. So yes, your characters will deal less damage on offence and more damage on defense.

Just to win and get all available points.

As said the defender has already 20% of advantage before field aid. So roundabout 30 to 35 % disadvantage for the attacker in war.

I prefer wiping out a weaker team than struggling against a stronger. Always disappointing to leave eg a healer and don’t get the victory points.

Let’s say 30% def advantage and your teampower 3500. 10% are 350, 30 are 1050. That said every opponent above ~2500 would count as at least equal. My attacks are almost around 10 to 15 % below my team, which I would rate as stronger due to all these arguments.

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There is no reason for them to delete the Russian. They are being inclusive - likely because the Russian is the original. 's all good. :slight_smile:

Regarding 7: I agree with you on how it logically should be, but the chance to dodge is awarded by a special skill. Though it does not say it on the hero card, the dodge effect is only intended to evade the damaging effect. While it is obvious to us players that Damage is one thing, and Special Effect is another, we logically assume that one can’t apply without the other… but we see this all the time in Empires & Puzzles where heroes like Aeron can provide immunity to Effects without reducing Damage, or other heroes who do zero damage, but can remove Effects. In E&P these are two separate things and the dodge only affects the damage, not the effect. Great question - it baffled me, too, for a while. It’s just how the game designers envisioned combat.

…imagine if it were changed… soo many heroes would need their specials reworked…


I can answer #5 for you.

Say your army attacks the castle of another King. Your army is destroyed but also destroyed the Kingdom. There is no one left to take the spoils of this war. Therefore the defender has successfully defended his castle.
Ties go to the defender for this reason.

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  • 20% of 60 is 72, but not 83! And 83 from 60 is already more than + 40% …

4: you totally dont understand what +63% defense means… the armor of your hero gets boosted.That does NOT mean that damage of your enemy is reduced by 63% lol.Your math is way off here… Out of experience I‘d say if Lianna hits your Magni with 1100 damage normally, 800-700 is what she will hit when you have+63% armor.

If you have a mathematician better than me, you can provide calculations, why, if you increase the armor by 63%, the impact force decreases by only 20%?

5: everyone is dead.Both are defeated…

If both are dead, then no one won? In fairness, then I must go back 1 energy raid, which I spent, while not writing off the cups and not counting the defeated heroes.
And so that such questions do not arise, it is necessary to do so that either my hero dies, and the hero of the opponent remains alive, or vice versa, the hero of the opponent dies from the counterattack, but mine remains alive. Then everything will be clear and there will be no questions!

I already had a situation: I was passing the event, the last level was left, I fight the boss, we both have very little health, the boss attacks me, my hero dies, but the boss also dies from the counterattack! The game counts me defeat and offers to continue for 75 crystals, I press “continue”, and … the playing field is clean, there are no bosses, with whom should I fight? And I could not even go out! I had to restart the phone. The result: 75 crystals were written off, the level was counted as passed, but the prizes were not given!

6: why not? It can ressurect even 100 times if he wants. Dont get the question…

I explain why “no”: the probability of 6% means that out of 100 moves he can rise no more than 6 times, and since in each battle I can make a maximum of 20-40 moves per battle, this means that during the whole battle he can come to life MAXIMUM 1 time!
Another interesting fact: suppose I blinded all the heroes of an opponent with a probability of 40% slip, and during the whole blinding action either all the heroes of the opponent miss, or everyone gets, without missing once! It even makes me laugh!

7: it‘s not you who designs the game right. So why should it be the way you want it?

Because it is logically correct. Imagine that you were really hit, you dodged a blow, but there were bruises on your body. Funny, isn’t it?
In addition, there are heroes who do not strike, but leave a post-effect from the use of an attack, for example, Morgan le Fay and Lady Locke.
I get an illness as a result of an attack, but if I dodged an attack, then why should the illness remain?

8: does this really matter…

Once I ask, it means it has!

9:you answered it yourself.There is no point in it for YOU but there is a point for the enemy…

If the fight is over, then it must be over FOR ALL! There is a Russian proverb on this subject: “after a fight, they do not wave their fists”


maybe this way is easier to understand. This is my Azlar. As you can see, when I use him on attack he gains a +20% attack boost from the troop (4* level 10), and now his DoT is no longer 60 but 72.
If I should use him on defence, he would gain another fixed 20% boost, that would be 84.

Sounds like being buggy at this point. Maybe ingame support can check. Is it worth a try @Petri?

2: PLEASE read CLOSELY. Troops or „Defense bonus“ buff the ATTACK STAT of your hero NOT the DAMAGE!!! It‘s two different things. You cannt calculate it like this. Damage over times is generated by a formula (probably can be found on the forum idk) and it is 60 when attack stat is as high as on the card. If the attackstat on the card grows with troops or defbonus(20%) also the damage over time grows. But not damage over time * 120%. Thats not how it works.

4: 1100 to 700-800 is not a decrease of 20%… you can find the formular to calculate damage on the forum. Just use the search engine.

5: no idea about the event thing. But on raid your attack team got defeated no matter the enemy team so I think it‘s totally ok to count it as a loss. Its the game designers choice and its legit…

6: Noooo. I try to give you an example to show you how false your statement is: take a coin. You have 50% for heads and 50% for tales. If you throw it 10 times do you always end with 5 times heads and 5 times tales? Guess what - no you will not… same with 6% it means the expected outcome would be 6 out of 100. but it is also POSSIBLE that he revives just 100 times out of 100. it‘s unlikely yes. But its possible…

7: how can you be sure that the effect comes with the damage hit? Maybe she hits you and then blows her foul breath at you which gives you the effect? It is two events happening the damage and the effect. It‘s nowhere stated that it‘s bounded…

8: not worth to discuss for me

9: you might have gotten me wrong. In war if you win your attack there is no matter how much hp your heroes have left. They can all have 1 hp or 1000hp. It doesnt matter. So there is no need to let you heal up after all enemies are dead.

The defender though is interested in hp after a fight. So if the fight is over it matters to him if he has 1hp or 1000hp. Because of that the healer uses mana and heals his team up a bit.


No, RNG is NOT cummulative, every time the hero dies it’s like a dice is rolled, it can either fall within the 94% or the 6%. Every single time. And that applies to your heroes too.

It’s exactly as the hero summons, you always get 1,3% of getting a HOTM, no matter how many times you try.

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Probability is calculated from an event or a value. In your example, the coin has 2 sides: obverse and reverse, therefore the probability of each side falling out for each roll is 100% / 2 = 50%. And even if you flip a coin a million times, the probability of a obverse falling out will still be 50%, and how many times it may actually fall out - this is already the case.
But in the case of a revival of what magnitude is the probability of a 6% revival calculated? If this is calculated on every turn, then the probability of a revival is also 50%: either it comes to life, or it does not come to life, and then everything becomes clear, and the enemy can really come to life at the end of each attack. But when the probability of recovery is 6%, And it comes to life after each attack, I do NOT understand this!

Bro you‘re exaggerating. No hero comes back alive every time. Yes it may happen that a hero revives 2-3 times. But not every time and also not every second time. Check your raids and how often heroes dont even revive once. Gather data from 1000+ fighter hero deaths. If your revive rate shows 50% you might convince me;)

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