A lot of heroes resist debuffs out of nowhere!

At first I thought “wait, what just happened?” cause I casted my Evelyn and Zorg at times to costumed Kadilen and the debuff/ailment didn’t apply. The c. Kadilen resisted it. Then the other day it was Krampus out of nowhere resisting debuffs!

You should really check Sorcerers these days. Their talents seem to be overlapping with Monk’s too

Costume kadilen can dodge Dispells and ailments with her special skill.

Only the monk class can resist ailments; with cleric also able to resist / ignore mana related ailments.

Krampus has an undidpellable defence buff so his buff won’t be replaced by Finley’s ailment… It simply can’t.


Yeah I know about that.

About the Finley and GM I just realized that nearby definition but changed.

But regarding Kadilen and Krampus ofc I knew that detail. They are both not during active skills.

Also you read my message wrong. I said, Evelyn skills doesn’t do anything to Krampus. Even when his skill is not active.

And even when his skill is active, defense down is always different than elemental defense down and the minus nature defense should still apply.

Without knowing anything about the enemy team, what skills were and were not active etc it’s impossible to really give any guidance.

I’ve personally not had any issues facing or using Krampus. Or c-Kafilen. Or Eve

Most likely something simple being missed but without screenshots or video it’s hard to say.


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